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VP of Global Sales and Acquisitions

Teresa Vandre, as House Of Film’s VP of Global Sales and Acquisitions, oversees all aspects of the company’s core business including developing and maintaining relationships with producers and distributors, advising clients on marketing strategy including distribution, creative, digital and understanding of global markets.

She is an innate creative strategist and expert communicator with a vast knowledge of global content distribution markets. She has years of experience negotiating both acquisition and sales agreements and can expertly identify and communicate win/ win terms in this ever-changing marketplace. Her participation in global film, TV and music markets for over 20 years has given her a profound understanding of changing creative market trends as well as the opportunity to network and to nurture long standing business relationships.

Prior to joining House Of Film in 2012, Teresa spent 10 years in music promotion and artist management in the UK where she worked in live music production, both single venue and festival, recorded music coordination from creative conceptualization to marketing and publicity, artist branding and image development and contract negotiation and publishing. The skills and relationships Teresa developed in the music arena transferred seamlessly to film and TV as she had a foundation of Film and TV production in Los Angeles before her move to Europe. The years spent in physical content production have formed a solid basis for her expert ability to understand the needs of filmmakers and to help them navigate the world of distribution. Teresa graduated Magna Cum Laude from University of California, Berkeley with a degree in Psychology and Theater.

In her current role at House Of Film, Teresa happily splits her time between Rome, Italy and Los Angeles, CA and works tirelessly toward the global success of the clients she has the honor to represent.