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David Holbert, who has joined Los Angeles-based movie distributor House of Film as Chief Operating Officer, is an experienced management consultant with a long and impressive track record of successful projects.

Since 2006 he has been working closely with a growing number of media companies, principally in the independent sector which, he says, “is now facing unprecedented change and disruption.” He emphasises “business design” as the key to finding and exploiting the opportunities that the current threat presents.

David is currently working with media clients in strategy, business development and operations management developing trans-media projects and a promotion service for independent video as a spin-off venture of a distributor.

David, who received an MBA and Bachelor of English Literature from Arizona State University, was from 1998 to 2005 Executive Director and Principal Investigator of a research center at the University of Southern California. The main focus, he says, was helping small to medium sized businesses adjust to globalisation. To support this goal, he founded a national organisation performing advocacy at the federal level (Congressional and Executive).

His career has also encompassed management of projects serving the underprivileged and MIS operations as well as managing operations including promotion, fund raising and grant writing for housing development in dangerous and remote areas of the world.