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President, CEO

She is unique in her combination of broad-based experience in production, marketing, acquisitions and new media distribution; a combination of skills making her particularly able to oversee House of Film’s complex operations.

Ava B. began her versatile and multi-layered career in film and television projects which spanned Eastern and Western Europe, North America and Asia.
Those who have done business with her know Ava B. as a savvy businesswoman with a highly honed capacity to negotiate contracts benefiting both sides.

Over the years, with her frequent attendance at all major international film markets, her world-wide network of friends and colleagues in both the creative and business communities have come to respect her for acute insights into the marketplace and its trends. She has become an exemplar of taste and a go-to person for strategies regarding all aspects of ”new media,” and film distribution in general, from the creative to finding multiple and newer distribution outlets.

Amongst Ava B’s most notable successes is her executive role in the founding and management of Kanal 2, a privately owned television channel in Estonia. After securing the initial financing, she oversaw the licensing of all programming – including sales and acquisition – during the first five years of operation. Her effective strategies and fast-paced negotiations helped Kanal 2 achieve high ratings on a shoe-string budget. Not only did Kanal 2 become the market leader, it also satisfied its shareholders with high returns on their investment.

As the story of Kanal 2 spread in the industry, she was asked to serve as Marketing and PR Manager of VIASAT3, Europe’s leading satellite television network, and to consult for RTL, the leading television network in Europe.

For the last five years Ava B. has focused on film distribution in The United States; both in traditional distribution and in the new media. She has served as a VP of Sales & Acquisitions at LongTale LLC after she had been an executive in charge of all aspects of acquisitions for Cinequest Distributions/Cinequest On-line, York Entertainment and

Ava B’s vast experience in the international and domestic film and television marketplaces, complemented by her achievements in creating, developing and growing successful entertainment companies, clearly evidence both her strong work ethic and the talent to achieve.