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CANNES, FRANCE- 2011 is proving a breakout year for House of Film (opened in 2009) and founder Ava B., whose vision of a sophisticated and stylish company has been manifested in an impressive lineup and a string of accomplishments.

House of Film’s Beautiful Darling, about the life and times of Candy Darling (of Andy Warhol fame), opened to enormous success in New York City April 22, coming in first in opening weekend per-screen averages, and third in total per-screen averages. It was reviewed in, among others, The New York Times, The New Yorker and Time Out New York.

IFC picked up North American distribution rights for House of Film’s Vampires (2010), a Belgium mockumentary about a family of vampires bored with immortality. “Vampires is a smart, quirky film, IFC is the perfect company to ensure that this film reaches a North American audience, and gets the attention it deserves,” says Ava B.

House of Film has been showcasing The Treehouse, a period piece about the disintegration of a family and an era. Family secrets and shocking revelations come to light after Thomas Von Farnow (Jeremy Irons) and his glamorous cousin uncover his mother’s sensual past from her long hidden diary. Jessica Lange and Kim Basinger are reading for the female lead.

House of Film has added to its lineup Moomins, the internationally beloved animation franchise (two feature films and a television series). The Macy’s Day Parade has accepted the Moomins as featured characters for two consecutive years. The title song for the feature film Moomins and the Comet Chase was written by Björk, who is an avid supporter of Moomins.

House of Film merges traditional film distribution with new media. “At House of Film we are using new media to generate new revenue,” says Ava B.