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3 May, 2011 | By Jeremy Kay

Beverly Hills-based worldwide sales agent and producer House Of Film heads into Cannes with a diverse slate featuring Beautiful Darling and The Treehouse.

Beautiful Darling chronicles the life and times of Andy Warhol associate Candy Darling and opened in New York on Apr 22.

Jessica Lange and Kim Basinger are reading for the female lead for The Treehouse, a period drama about the disintegration of a family. Jeremy Irons plays a man who uncovers his mother’s sensual past with shocking consequences.

IFC holds US rights to Belgian mockumentary Vampires, which follows a group of blood-suckers bored of immortality.

House Of Film founder Ava B also announced the company has picked up Moomins, the Scandinavian animation franchise that has spawned two features and a television series.

The slate includes sci-fi thriller Glenn, The Flying Robot, crime thriller Delivered and Brilliant Moon narrated by Richard Gere and Lou Reed.