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The Party

It’s Complicated…
Loved “Euphoria” and “Fleabag”: you will love “The Party”

A raw, unfiltered look at the challenges of teenage life, examining friendship, dating, racism, sex, loss, and parents who truly don’t get it, this high intensity coming of age thriller is equal measures racy, awkward, suspenseful, heartbreaking and full on.
It’s the night before Christmas and everyone is headed to the same destination – THE PARTY.
But for eleven different people the motives are bit more complicated–to be noticed, to hook up, to make friends, to numb the pain, to get over an ex, to say goodbye.
Attention-seeker Morrigan has just dumped Josh for not sleeping with her and is determined to find someone else; Josh’s friends want to get his mind off the breakup. Morrigan’s best friend, Ashley, plans to supervise her, but is distracted by the distant behavior of an old friend, Beckett, who desperately wants someone to notice her. Max is secretly in love with Beckett, and Azize is a Turkish immigrant taking the opportunity to meet new people. The characters are perfectly portrayed by the outstanding performances of the film’s multi-racial cast.
The Party is based on a novel by the same title by award winning writer Tom Leveen: the dialogue is hyper realistic, the voices and personalities are brilliantly defined by speaking directly to the audience using the ‘fourth wall breaks’ we saw in ‘Fleabag.’
The Party invites us in to join in the pleasure and the pain of the biggest teenage event of the year. Everyone’s invited. See you there!


Teen / Coming - of - Age / Thriller


98 MIN













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