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The Other Side of Infinity

Brad Pitt’s and Coppola’s sound designer music producer of the year, James Lay is bringing us this highly stylized supernatural science fiction film about the last day of the Sun.
The story follows four storylines moving non-linear in time and three time periods; present day, 1960’s and the 1700’s.
“Madison” a Gazelle super model type, a jaded 22 year old “sugar baby” does her best to take gramps to the financial cleaners but quite often ends up on her back, a day late and dollar short.
“Taylor” an intellectual powerhouse and homeless observer of all things A.I. bumbles about town preaching to anyone who will listen, broken guitar in hand, this savvy know it all manages to slip through the cracks of society lost in a mysterious foggy past.
“Benny and Michelle” A classy black couple that met at the Peach Tree Festival in Macon Georgia in 1966 bound together by a moment carved into their collective psyche.
“Venus” a 16 year old generation “Z” left over from a previous relationship of her Mother’s, lashes out at all in her path as she retreats to her room….A Cutter….The only relief she finds from this miserable existence.
What do they all have in common? The eventual Journey to….. The Other Side of Infinity.
This impeccably directed, chic and stylish movie is popular entertainment at its best.


High Concept Sci Fi Thriller


96 MIN









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