Stolen Tango

Based on true stories of sex trafficking and sex slavery

Laura, a stunningly beautiful high-end prostitute works in a brothel in Buenos Aires. Jason, an American veteran of the Iraqi war arrives in Buenos Aires to start a new life. He meets Jenny, a beautiful tango dancer who helps him cope with his war time trauma. Laura, Jenny’s sister, the black sheep of the family discovers a human trafficking network that is run from the secret backrooms of the brothel.

Laura proves the saying ‘We never know how high we are till we are called to rise.’

When confronted by the extreme suffering of the women and the brutal cruelty of their keepers, Laura rises to the occasion. Gathering her courage, overcoming her drug induced haze, Laura helps one of the victims escape, unleashing the wrath of the cartel who are now after her and her family.

STOLEN TANGO takes an unflinching look at the world of human trafficking, taking us on a suspenseful journey from the sensual fa├žade of tango dancing to the darkest secrets of the cruel trade of sex slavery.


Crime / suspense / action / thriller


120 MIN




4K / HD




Belen Suarez





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