Heart Strings

Stars are Born

Lucky and Billie are gorgeous, young, incredibly talented and also flat broke. When they hear there is a ONE MILLION DOLLAR top prize for “Mr. & Mrs. Americana” a reality contest for musical married couples, they are prepared to do whatever it takes to enter including pretend that they are husband and wife when they actually barely know each other. Talent scouts immediately spot them in the crowd and present them to the less than scrupulous show organizers Ray and Precious. True to his trademark of manipulation, exploitation and conniving, Ray comes up with a twisted gimmick for the show to make the competition national news. The happily married couple is asked to perform their songs for a pre-selected audience of social media influencers where they will be encouraged to undermine, insult, backstab and ridicule each other to prove that ambition is stronger than love. “A husband and wife knife fight’ is the concept which isn’t a surprise considering the source – Ray Pursell, TV Show Producer and serial abuser. Ray believes he is untouchable but meanwhile an undercover investigative mission is happening behind the scenes to reveal the truth. Will these two idealistic young musicians take the bait and tear each other down on camera in order to drive a carefully calculated social media frenzy? Or will their growing love, respect and common bonds prove the opposite of Ray’s thesis: Can love turn out to be stronger than money and fame? 

Watch “Heart Strings” to find out!

Directed by Ate de Jong: amongst others, directed cult classics “Highway to Hell”and “Drop Dead Fred” Produced by Steven Gaydos: Venice Film Festival award winner and VP at VARIETY.


Thriller / Adventure


112 MIN


USA in English







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