Blades in The Darkness

What evil lurks behind the wall…

Tirana 1997. The chaos left by the fall of communism has opened the doors to a bloody civil war. Matia, just a teenager, is bullied by his school mates and in an attempt to escape, he hides inside an abandoned bunker. In that spooky building, Matia will be the first to discover something horrific and unthinkable that will change him forever. Tirana 2022. Two attractive and fun loving Italian couples are on their way to Tirana where they are planning a new future through an investment in a hip underground club using a bunker from the former regime as the location. One of them is secretly planning to cheat the others in order to pay off a debt to some “old acquaintances” who don’t take no for an answer. In the bunker, where they expect their dream to come true, they will only find drugs, violence and fear. The true horror though hides behind an old wall. A bloodthirsty human monster armed with deadly blades shreds everything in his sight to pieces.




83 MIN


Italian and English







AWARDS and festival

Winner of Best Feature and Best Director Award at the Level Up FF, Best Feature at Astrophobia FF
Official selection at RazorReel FF, Dracula FF, Los Angeles Horror FF, Rojo Sangre FF, Days of The Dead FF