Apio Verde

A striking, emotionally charged horror/ suspense film in the tradition of Polanski’s Repulsion and Darren Aranofsky’s Black Swan

In this stylish suspense film, the cinematography and direction captures the personal emotional horror of a woman living a society that goes against her life while trying to preserve a “pro-life” stance. The film poignantly addresses the challenges of the modernization of economy without the modernization of its social and political culture – a pressing socio-political issue in modern-day Latin America. Apio Verde casts a sharp light on this current global controversy at the front of the abortion debate and takes a strong pro-choice stand powerfully told using the medium of film.

The notable cast includes: Catherine Mazoyer – Tv series Lola (2007-2008), Los 80s (2010-2013), Sin Anestesia (2009), Huaiquiman y Tolosa (2006-2008), Infieles and Teatro en Chilevision, feature film Perfidia (2014) Catalina Aguayo – Tv series Tempano; Reserva de Familia, Cumpleaños, Feature Films: I am from Chile; Mejor no Fumes; FeatuLa Comiquería; El Limpiapiscinas; Cristian Gajardo – Feature film Raul Ruiz’ La Noche de Enfrente; Teresita Reyes – Tv series Machos; El Regreso, Dos por Uno, Esperanza, Primera Dama, Gatas y Tuercas


Suspense / Thriller


81 MIN


Spanish with English Subtitles




Catherine Mazoyer, Cristián Gajardo, Catalina Aguayo among others.


Francesc Morales





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