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A Muzzarell

If you liked THELMA AND LOUISE, DOGMAN or MEAN STREETS, this movie is for you!

Driven by the magical chemistry of a most gorgeous girl and beautiful boy, this is a journey through surreal postcard vistas and otherworldly characters which will transfix and mesmerize viewers.

Daniele, a twelve-year-old is about to lose his grandmother. Her last wish: to eat mozzarella made by her son, Daniele’s father, a buffalo farmer. The boy decides to fulfill his grandmother’s wish and embarks on this voyage, first on a scooter and then on foot, accompanied by his transcendent crush, Martina. Their path becomes one of self-discovery and at the same time a needed escape from reality.

Despite the grip of social marginalization, drug dealing clans and menacing situations, before their journey has finished, these teenagers will have undergone a rite of passage to discover themselves.

Gripping, moving, mind blowing and visually stunning, this film continues the best traditions of Italian filmmaking. 

  • European Cinematography Awards Winner 
  • New York Cinematography Awards  Winner
  • Canadian Cinematography Awards Winner 
  • Los Angeles Cinematography Awards Winner
  • +  the winner of over a dozen prestigious international awards 


Road-movie / Coming-of-Age / Fantasy


90 MIN


Italian with English subtitles







AWARDS and festival

European Cinematography Awards Winner
New York Cinematography Awards Winner
Canadian Cinematography Awards Winner
Los Angeles Cinematography Awards Winner
+ the winner of over a dozen prestigious international awards