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If you liked THELMA AND LOUISE, DOGMAN or MEAN STREETS, this movie is for you!

Driven by the magical chemistry of a most gorgeous girl and beautiful boy, this is a journey through surreal postcard vistas and otherworldly characters which will transfix and mesmerize viewers.

Daniele, a twelve-year-old is about to lose his grandmother. Her last wish: to eat mozzarella made by her son, Daniele’s father, a buffalo farmer. The boy decides to fulfill his grandmother’s wish and embarks on this voyage, first on a scooter and then on foot, accompanied by his transcendent crush, Martina. Their path becomes one of self-discovery and at the same time a needed escape from reality.

Despite the grip of social marginalization, drug dealing clans and menacing situations, before their journey has finished, these teenagers will have undergone a rite of passage to discover themselves.

Gripping, moving, mind blowing and visually stunning, this film continues the best traditions of Italian filmmaking. 

  • European Cinematography Awards Winner 
  • New York Cinematography Awards  Winner
  • Canadian Cinematography Awards Winner 
  • Los Angeles Cinematography Awards Winner
  • +  the winner of over a dozen prestigious international awards 

Road-movie / Coming-of-Age / Fantasy /

90 Min /

Italian with English subtitles /


Paris + New York + Nostalgic millennials + Enchanted song = LOVE!
Paris is filled with dreamers and sometimes it takes just the right ingredient to make dreams come true. Théodore, an awkward, uptight and lovelorn Parisian, discovers the existence of a supernatural song. A missing 1920’s jazz standard that can make people fall in love at first sight. His heart skips a beat. He MUST find that song at all costs and use it to charm Amandine, whom he knows is the love of his life.
His investigation leads him to New York City, where he meets hip, young jazz musicians and thus his adventures begin. Will he find the song? Will the song make Amandine fall in love with him?
We’ll find out watching this most endearing and enchanting film filled with music, love and the spirit of following dreams no matter where they lead. Wherever this story takes us there is magic in the air.

Rom-com /

88 Min /

French and in English /


No one will hear your screams

An idyllic small town is suddenly ravaged by a ruthless serial killer, seeding terror in the otherwise peaceful community. When sweet Maggie is kidnapped and held hostage, this harrowing tale of resilience, survival and redemption unravels haunting dark secrets leading to shocking twists along the way. The claustrophobic visuals expertly contribute to the ever-growing tension lead by powerful performances and a strong script.

The huge number of awards the movie has received in various categories attest to the fact that the movie is both an audience and industry favorite.

Suspenseful and surprising, this is the kind of film that is easy to get sucked into and you will be pleased you went along for the ride.

Suspense Thriller /

116 Min /

English /


This exquisite film takes us on a powerful and moving journey into the life of ZULMA, daughter of a poor family in a closed community where loyalty, guilt, and fear keep age old draconian rules alive and well.
Zulma is forced into an arranged marriage. Accepting family traditions and under increasing pressures by the community, Zulma gives in, quits school and begins a married woman’s life with a person who does not want her.
The extremity of her situation emerges gradually, leading to a shocking revelation that forces her into full rebellion. She must do whatever it takes to save herself and those she loves.
The movie is expertly directed, performed and shot with the stunning beauty of the Argentinian/Brazilian backlands as a constant contrast to the disturbing elements of human brutality. This story of great courage will stay with you on and on.

Thriller /

77 Min /

Spanish /


In the Jungle No One Can Hear You Scream

Based on true and ancient rituals of human sacrifice from the 13th century in Borneo, this exotic creature / action film takes us deep into the heart of the jungle as Dr. Sani and his team search for his wife, who disappeared on an expedition to study a mysterious burial totem. Burial poles are known to have been used as instruments of virgin sacrifice in ritual ceremonies. As the doctor’s team makes its way through the jungle looking for answers, each begin having hallucinations, malevolent disturbances and are transported to strange locations. The tension escalates as their deepest fear turns into reality when one of them is taken over by dark forces and the real monster appears.
This suspenseful, big budget creature film features some of the most exotic locations in the world with outstanding performances by an award-winning cast to thrill all fans of action/ adventure and creature films.

Action / Adventure / Creature /

94 Min /

Malaysian and English language versions + Mandarin Chinese subtitles available /


Emmy-nominated Kelly Jenrette (“Handmaid’s Tale”) and “Fresh Off the Boat” star Hudson Yang impeccably helm this deeply stirring and nail biting hostage story. Award-winning and provocative thriller, Honor Student has an intimate and visceral visual style that keeps us claustrophobically close to the action.

Jeremy, a student at a prestigious Washington D.C. private school appears to have everything going for him – wealth, talent, perfect grades –but inside he is falling apart. After losing his twin brother in a mass shooting, Jeremy takes matters into his own hands, holds his teacher Mrs. Hill hostage and tries to teach America a lesson it will never forget.

With masterful dialogue and action, the two spar as Mrs. Hill tries to talk Jeremy out of this devastating violence. While the clock ticks away we are kept on the edge of our seats fearing horrific consequences and desperately hoping for a miracle.

Thriller/ Hostage /

82 Min /

USA / in English /


Disaster in the air

This highly entertaining mile-high action movie will dazzle audiences with mind blowing
technology and count-down disaster sequences as well as stunning aerial shots of a half-disabled airplane zig-zagging through skyscrapers. Disillusioned and world-weary, Liu, a neglected aircraft engineer lost his passion for his job long ago. Bored by his work routines he becomes obsessed by playing video games, developing extraordinary skills at it. His ordinary day becomes a high-stakes crisis when his flight attendant wife, May is called in for a special assignment: she will be personally attending to the President of the United States and his entourage on their super plane KG145. While Liu and his son excitedly follow the route of the presidential aircraft on their screen, we see a terrifying reality unfold on the aircraft, it has been highjacked by a terrorist. While the passengers fight for their survival the plane goes out of control, flying on auto-pilot. Liu must now put all his masterful video game skills to use while desperately trying to rescue and land the presidential plane with remote control technology.
Who will survive the crisis and will the plane be able to land? To find out watch KG145.

Disaster/ Action/ Thriller /

95 Min /

from China; in English with some Chinese /


If you liked BLUE VELVET or DRUGSTORE COWBOY you will love BAD FAITH

This masterfully directed edgy thriller takes an unflinching look at the darker side of human nature in the under-belly of the criminal world.
Dragged into a life of crime after arriving in England from Ireland, Alison works for small time gangster Max, whose obsession with her is the only reason she isn’t in prison… or dead.
When she meets Sam, a damaged man with a troubled past, he opens her eyes that life can be a beautiful thing and realizes that if she doesn’t make some changes, she isn’t long for this world.
Together they hit the road before Max can stop them. She’s going looking for her past and the child she abandoned years earlier. He’s keeping his demons at bay just long enough to hope she can make a difference. When Max comes in search of her and kidnaps Sam, Alison knows that she will never be able to escape her past. She returns to face Max in a bloody climatic conclusion. The intensely developed characters are perfectly portrayed by the film’s outstanding cast and the twists and turns will keep the audiences at the edge of their seats.

Crime/ thriller /

95 Min /

UK /


OSCAR and CESAR nominated, CANNES, TIFF and FIPRESCI awarded multiple jury prize winner

“The highest grossing per theater average on non-studio films on its opening weekend in the USA

“1982” is based on the real childhood memories of writer-director Oualid Mouaness who perfectly frames an escalating armed conflict with a prepubescent romance between a boy and a girl from the opposite sides of a threatened city. Divided across religious lines at the time, with Muslims on the west and Christians on the east, the entire city eventually came under fire.

The film is set on the last day of classes in an elementary school, integrating customary childhood behavior with the ever-growing apprehensions of teachers and administrators as the rumble of war planes makes it impossible to protect the kids from the worsening situation. As the story develops the escalating erosion of the city is paralleled by the erosion of innocence of its people but one in which childlike imagination finds a way to triumph in the end.

With extraordinary performances (including a spellbinding performance teeming with restrained anxiety by Oscar nominated Nadine Labaki) we are not only given the opportunity to walk back in time but also to walk in other’s shoes in a world where the future of tomorrow is truly unknown. Couldn’t be more timely for all of us!

“1982” is able to treat a heavy story of war and conflict with delicacy and charm to make it spell-bindingly entertaining on every level.

War / Coming Of Age / Family /

100 Min /

English and Arabic /


Love is worth fighting for

For Lee and Jo, it is love at first sight. Their explosive romance rockets them to the fourth dimension only to find that the dullness of their life in a two star Alaska town is waiting for them on the other side. Discontented with their unbearable reality, they escape into one another.
Eventually Lee finds a way to make Jo’s dreams come true, or so he thinks. When it turns out to be a scam, his beloved is hurt and now Lee must avenge her honor. After killing a man, Lee goes on the run with his young bride. Their journey is quickly interrupted by a gang of men out for revenge. Lee and Jo get separated, their love unwavering in the face of adversity, they
desperately fight their way back to each in this non-stop action thriller.

Action / Thriller /

83 Min /

USA in English /


Now You See It… Now You Don’t

ARTCON is an addictive cocktail of twists and turns. Firstly following a common story of a marriage in crisis which, before we know it, switches gears and we are thrust into a suspenseful heist orchestrated by an international network of criminals. The plot focuses on two camps, the takers and the taken, but with a twist since nothing in this story is what it seems.
ARTCON succeeds not only in conning the audience, but also in creating a series of fascinating characters who play a delicious game of trust and betrayal. The city and the grand museum where the story is set are geographically non-specific, giving the film a universal feel. The plot is diabolical and impeccable as every piece of the story falls logically into place while we are led to walk on a winding staircase of surprises.
ARTCON is a thrilling glimpse into the dark underbelly of the art-scene, the heist behind the glamor, and above all else, this movie is a grand magic act.

Heist, crime /

93 Min /

Spanish with English subtitles /


A steamy, button pushing thriller twisting through the dark exotic jungle

Lucio is an apathetic former detective struggling with his inner demons. To afford to buy a birthday gift for his estranged daughter he accepts an unexpected job to solve a crime deep in the jungles bordering Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil. There is a chaotic and violent underworld beneath the murder he investigates. The environment wraps around him and begins to suffocate him like a boa constrictor. As the story unfolds we are mesmerized by the performances, the moody atmosphere and impeding fear of violence.
As Lucio uncovers layers of hidden secrets and crimes behind this seemingly open and shut murder case, a devastating femme fatale appears to seduce him. Although he is unsure if she is for real or a lure, the two dive headlong into a torrid romance and Lucio gets embroiled in child trafficking, betrayals, revenge and murder.
It will be “the dead,” a pagan myth of the jungle that will paradoxically rescue him and bring him back to life.

Dark Thriller /

110 Min /

Spanish /