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An epic frontier western adventure in the tradition of “True Grit”

Based on a bestselling novel

Following the death of their mother and lead by their stoic, heartbroken father, Rachel and Jamie begin an arduous passage west through beautiful but dangerous prairies seeking fortune and a new life during the gold rush of the 1800’s.

This epic but treacherous journey can only be made within a short window of time before brutal winter forces stop men and beasts alike. Fate deals the grieving, pioneer family a complicated hand when their ox wagon is damaged and they are taken in by a pious, farm family in the foothills of a mountain, far from their destination. As their father repairs their wagon, a fearsome storm approaches and Rachel and Jamie begin to pack, despite dire warnings from the farmer.

Now, with a raging blizzard upon them, the two children find themselves lost in a frozen white-out in search of a missing pet calf. Rachel and Jamie must find shelter and survive the icy darkness while Rachel makes a brave decision that will change their destinies forever.

Western - Adventure /

106 Min /

English /