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Meet racist Billy Pitcher…. He just woke up BLACK!

Billy Pitcher … a London cab driver, a devout football fan and an out and out racist. He’s an overprotective family man pushing his white supremacist agenda on all those around him. When his daughter, who doesn’t agree with any of his views, starts dating a black man it tips him over the edge. She makes a deal with her father to attend one of his ‘Keep Britain White’ meetings if he agrees to attend her partner’s African church. It happens that he attends on the day of ‘UMBADEHDEH’, a spiritual ritual where dreams or nightmares can come true and Billy wakes up the next morning inside a black person’s body. What follows is a hilarious comedic journey with an intelligent narrative as he discovers first-hand what it’s like to be Black in todays’ society and why the world is screaming ‘BLACK LIVES MATTER’!

Comedy / Inspirational /

93 Min /

English /


A dark comedy for fans of the classic French farce…
in the updated tradition of National Lampoon’s Vacation films

It has been seven years since Frederic has taken his beautiful wife and son away from Paris for a summer vacation. This year, he is determined to offer them an unforgettable holiday at all cost. But, as usual, his scoundrel boss takes advantage of his kindness to not properly pay him. Without the cash to pay for a hotel, Frederic makes a deal with his friend, Jean-Luc, the director of a luxury resort in the South of France. The secret agreement between the two is simple: one day of work for one day at the resort. Frederic will have to handle the most outrageous and despicable tasks in order to keep the resort running smoothly, and all this, far from his wife and son who are unaware of the deal. What follows is both hysterical and horrifying as Jean-Luc attempts to seduce Fredric’s wife and Fredric finds himself in the most hilariously, preposterous positions. Will someone come to his rescue to save their vacation…and his marriage?

Comedy /

105 Min /

French /


Theatrical box office hit action thriller –original title in South Africa: LOSING LERATO

DESPERATE LOVE is the story of a successful young black man, who takes matters into his own hands by kidnapping his daughter after life, the law and the woman he once loved come between them.He puts himself in harm’s way when he decides to kidnap his own daughter from school, hoping to start a new life in a new city, but all hell breaks loose and he finds himself in a high stakes bus hostage situation and comes face to face with the law. As the crisis escalates, a shot rings out…

DESPERATE LOVE is a suspenseful, exciting, thought provoking, human interest story that speaks to global audiences who have experienced hardship, financial highs and lows, love, happiness or the loss of a child. The cast includes Black Panther’s Connie Chiume.

Action / Thriller /

96 Min /

English & some local dialects from South Africa /


An epic frontier western adventure in the tradition of “True Grit”

Based on a bestselling novel

Following the death of their mother and lead by their stoic, heartbroken father, Rachel and Jamie begin an arduous passage west through beautiful but dangerous prairies seeking fortune and a new life during the gold rush of the 1800’s.

This epic but treacherous journey can only be made within a short window of time before brutal winter forces stop men and beasts alike. Fate deals the grieving, pioneer family a complicated hand when their ox wagon is damaged and they are taken in by a pious, farm family in the foothills of a mountain, far from their destination. As their father repairs their wagon, a fearsome storm approaches and Rachel and Jamie begin to pack, despite dire warnings from the farmer.

Now, with a raging blizzard upon them, the two children find themselves lost in a frozen white-out in search of a missing pet calf. Rachel and Jamie must find shelter and survive the icy darkness while Rachel makes a brave decision that will change their destinies forever.

Western - Adventure /

106 Min /

English /


When Temi, the gorgeous wife of a high profile senator is robbed, four suspects are
quickly apprehended and arrested. Although each detainee proclaims his innocence, Temi identifies each of the attackers along with her stolen property, seemingly resolving this classic open and shut case. But a senior detective, on the eve of his retirement risks his reputation when he suspects there is more to the story. High powered political intrigue clashes with gritty street violence and the prospect of deep corruption in this riveting mystery where one man fights to prevent the truth from becoming another casualty.

Thriller / Crime / Mystery /

100 Min /

English /



Filmed in the remote villages of picturesque Nigeria, ENI is the coming-of-age story of a girl whose passions are trapped by her inability to communicate with those around her. The traditional customs, beliefs and superstitions of Eni’s family present an additional obstacle for this beautiful and strong willed girl who faces typical teenage angst while she begins to discover the mysteries and challenges of womanhood. Jacob, a passionate and quirky artist becomes the focus of her awakening desire, but as in any small town, competition for his attention and his access to 21st century distractions frustrate her advances. With an amazing cast of local actors and a stunning performance by Victoria Osumah, ENI never fails to surprise, enlighten and even shock you with the tension between a traditional culture and the advances of modern Africa and it’s toll on young adults navigating through it all.

Drama - Romance /

111 Min /

English /