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A superlative creation of a new director with an extraordinary ability to create menace and suspense in a dystopian thriller that deals with humiliation, sexuality, aggression and absurdity during post-apocalyptic times.

The gorgeously shot movie is set against a harsh and imposing background of mountain passes, mysterious caves, animal tracks, hidden waters and vast vistas that are troubled by malevolent forces.

The story is simple: when a mysterious loner joins a huntress and his son, their life-long dynamic is disrupted and psychological warfare breaks out. There is so much layered desire, hatred and domination that comes rolling out, shifting the power dynamics of the characters.

Their ever-tightening circle of hard looks and desperate gestures turns into a disturbing study of the human condition underscoring the will to survive at all costs.

The dissonant score of the film heightens this uneasy feeling, awakening our fight or flight response.

The backstory is filled in quickly and briefly in dialogue, if it’s ever filled in at all. There are hardly any flashbacks, just a few scenes of characters sharing their past with each other. The movie gives pointers rather than straight story lines forcing the viewers to construct their own version of the narrative, that keeps on building its momentum until it culminates in a shocking revelation and ending.

Thriller / Dystopian /

72 Min /

Spanish /


OLIVER STONE calls it a new Italian Classic from the heart. Filmed on the rugged and stunningly beautiful Mediterranean (Sicilian) coast, ALONE WITH HER DREAMS explores the universally timely themes of family separation because of emigration, generational conflicts and feminine repression, continuing the traditions of the Italian neorealist masters; Rossellini, Visconti, Olmi and De Sica.

Set in the late 1960’s, the film explores the issues of of immigration, community values and family devotion through the eyes of a young girl, Lucia who is left behind with her grandmother, Maria while her parents emigrate to France to find work. Lucia pains to be with her family as she struggles to learn her role in the tiny, traditional village under the watchful guidance of her stern grandmother. As Lucia enters womanhood, her childhood innocence is lost to a hideous, family secret and her world of childhood fragility and heartbreaking nostalgia melts into adulthood’s poignant understanding.

Dignity, strength and optimism become the traits that Lucia unknowingly inherits as she ultimately learns about her stoic grandmother’s compassion and deep nurturing love.

Thriller /

95 Min /

Italian /


An adaptation of the original “Frankenstein” novel by Mary Shelley, and of Costas Zapas’ novel “Frankenstein REC”.

“FRANKENSTEIN” is a thriller, a graphic novel with gothic elements, animation and teenage protagonists. It is an enticing, refreshing take on the classic novel that re-introduces its iconic characters for an entirely new generation of viewers and adds an unexpected twist to a haunted fairytale. The story revolves around a theatre troupe that comes to town to perform “Frankenstein”. A young female reporter investigating the legend believes that the novel is not fiction but, in fact, the true story of a group of alchemists founded by the young doctor Victor Frankenstein. In 1817 they managed to defeat mortality and return from the dead! Interviewing the theatre troupe members, the reporter is confronted with the dark heroes of the novel who keep on appearing in the city…alive. Her investigations lead her to a universe of monsters and finally to a revelation.

With its perfect command of tone and mood, its hypnotic way of drawing us into its puzzle, with its austere visual beauty, Costas Zapas’ Frankenstein is a modern masterpiece. It’s an exciting new addition to the groundbreaking GREEK WEIRD WAVE CINEMA whose other auteurs include, Yorgos Lanthimos and Athina Rachel Tsangari.

Costas Zapas has been named by Cineuropa as “one of the most outstanding directors of contemporary auteur cinema” and by the Guardian as “one of the main protagonists of the burgeoning Greek new cinema wave”. Zapas was discovered by Lars von Trier who financed and co-produced his feature film, “Minor Freedoms”.

The script of “FRANKENSTEIN” has been selected among world’s best in Toronto IFF (Toronto Producers Lab), the Network of Asian Fantastic Films, Busan IFF, European Crossroads Co-Production Forum, Thessaloniki IFF, and the SIFF project, Shanghai IFF. The movie has just been completed and will be in competition at the leading festivals of the world.

Thriller with gothic elements /

86 Min /

Greek /


Play the Game, Don’t Let the Game Play You

This raw, unpredictable, enormously suspenseful and excellently crafted genre film is set in the menacing, high security prison that is aptly known as hell. Arnold Drexler decides to expose the organization behind his crimes in order to reduce his 15 year sentence. What he, the other inmates, and many of the prison guards don’t understand is how deeply corrupted and violently entangled are every character’s interest. Arnold’s lock-up triggers a brutal reaction from cell-mates Vic and Toni who likewise start an avalanche of merciless retribution. Like peeling layers of an onion, the film cleverly exposes each player’s motivations and connections, simultaneously repelling you and drawing you in to a vicious culture both inside and outside the prison walls.

For fans of intelligent action films like RESERVOIR DOGS, DRIVE and HBO series OZ

Action / Thriller /

80 Min /

Spanish /


Have you ever wondered what the cutting edge is like in the hippest city of the world, Berlin? If you did, TRUE LOVE WAYS is the movie for you. This ultra-stylish film reminiscent of Luis Buñuel and Dario Argento will draw you in and captivate you with its haunting dream-like images and thrilling suspense.

The gorgeous Séverine is victim of a conspiracy. During a trip to the seaside she has to fight for her life when a bunch of brutal offenders trap her. After a bloody trip she discovers something that she has never experienced before…

Erotic thriller / Horror /

103 Min /

German /


An intense and unsettling psychological thriller

When 25-year-old state witness, Mia Hoffman changed her testimony and allowed a cop-killer to go free, she was vilified. Left with undiagnosed PTSD, she suffers extreme anxiety, and hallucinations so vivid that she’s no longer sure what’s real and what isn’t. Rejected by her friends, harassed by the police, and dismissed by the medical profession, a determined Mia forces herself to attend alternative therapy training, led by Franklin Spitz, a celebrity therapist who specializes in resolving PTSD. Using increasingly provocative psychological techniques, Franklin probes Mia for the hidden memories underlying her condition. But the goals of therapist and client are wildly divergent – Mia is searching for reality while Franklin, also suffering from a shocking trauma, is desperately trying to avoid it. Their strong wills and fragile grasps of reality lead you though a terrifying rabbit-hole of suspenseful showdowns, each more frightening than the other.

This original, unpredictable, brilliantly stylish and blazingly original thriller pins you to your seat and will keep you entranced long after the film is over.

Thriller / Mystery /

90 Min /

English /

Nicky is tortured by the same terrifying nightmare every night. Convinced that his recurring dream is real, he takes his girlfriend, Lora, deep into the woods to look for clues to prove he’s right. As the two travel into the darkness, eight bizarre and grotesque stories unfold, each comprising a disturbing component his living nightmare.

Each chapter of Nicky’s frightening nightmare is represented by distinctive tormentors including, a living monkey doll, a homicidal cowboy and a disfigured magician. As the couple delves deeper, they begin to realize that his ominous delusions may actually be horrifyingly real.

Richly imagined and genuinely eerie.

Psychological thriller / zombie / horror /

105 Min /

English /


A spellbinding new thriller that nostalgically revisits the opulent hedonism of 1980’s classics, Miami Vice and Body Heat

Sparkling aqua-blue waters, vast sandy beaches, luxurious high-rise hotels, and extravagant fashions are the backdrop for a mysterious string of murders in the ultra-chic Acapulco of the decadent 1980s. Mexico’s top criminologist, Mateo Osorio is dispatched to the chic and gorgeous resort city to solve a series of seemingly unconnected homicides. When he arrives, Mateo finds that he’s an outsider in a wealthy town where everybody knows everybody else’s business, and nobody wants to talk. Slowly he integrates himself into the secretive enclaves of the local social scene and begins to unravel a network of subterfuge, alliances, and betrayals fueled by unlimited sums of dirty money. But Mateo’s impeccable credentials and spotless record may not be a match for overwhelming temptations that seem to corrupt everything under the swaying palm trees and immaculate blue skies.

Thriller /

76 Min /

Spanish /


Playing on HBO Latino, Fall 2013

In New York, Solimar a Puerto Rican woman who works in a “nail salon” becomes obsessed with the violent sexual practices of her new neighbors, a Dominican man Roberto and his Haitian-Dominican wife Perpetue. Solimar, as a voyeur of their intimate life, one day witnesses a particularly brutal encounter. Perpetue disappears after that. Apparently she went back to the Dominican Republic to see her children. In her absence Solimar and Roberto develop an intense and violent sexual relationship. For the first time in a very long time, Solimar feels a connection with her innermost desires and true identity. The fact that itʼs wrong makes it right for her. She lost both her parents when she was very young. Supposedly, her mother abandoned them causing her father to commit suicide. She hasnʼt been back to Puerto Rico in a long time and canceled any connection with her past. The sudden appearance of an unidentified womanʼs dead body in the Bronx River awakes her suspicion. Solimar has fallen in love with Roberto and what could be a threat for her itʼs transformed into an erotic drive that she canʼt stop. She has to decide whether to confront Roberto or live with the most terrible doubt.

erotic thriller /

102 Min /

Spanish and English /


The Latin American “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”

Based on a True Story

Set in the impressive mountain and coastal scenery of the Andes, this suspenseful and highly emotional thriller takes us on an impassioned journey with the fearless Ana, on a mission to save her grandfather who is exposed to illegal drug tests in a hospital. Ana, the punk and non-conformist cast-out turns out to be the only person with a heart and with humanity. As Ana and her grandfather run away together, they must fight for their own survival against the vicious interests of a powerful company.

Not a predictable story of conspiracy, corruption and the cruel manipulations in the pharmaceutical industry – “Girl With No Fear” tells the painfully beautiful story of a human life.

thriller / crime /

110 Min /

Spanish /


Reminiscent of Polanski’s ‘Chinatown’

This socially impactful film noir is based on true events, about housing inspector Roberto Morales who investigates the suspicious circumstances of a fatal fire in a residential hotel in San Francisco’s rapidly gentrifying Latino Mission District and finds himself face to face with murder in the streets, corruption at City Hall and the mysterious Sofia Nido, a beautiful but dangerous flame from his past.

This stunningly filmed and superbly directed thriller deals with a hot, current topic millions will relate to: the gentrification of low-income ethnic neighborhoods which makes the movie extremely timely.

The screenplay was written by San Francisco Poet Laureate Alejandro Murguia.

Starring: Richard Montoya (Falling Down, Nacho Libre)

The movie has just entered the festival circuit and already won Outstanding NorCal Feature at the Sacramento International Film Festival

Film Noir, Thriller / Crime /

91 Min /

English /

4K / HD

Theatrical Bio-pic based on the life of Nobel Laureate Pablo Neruda

NERUDA is an epic portrayal of Pablo Neruda’s life in exile, in the form of a political thriller. In 1948 Neruda risked his own life by confronting the corrupt President of Chile who then deprived him of his seat in the Senate and ordered his arrest. In great peril, the exiled poet moved from place to place in Chile, finally crossing the Andes Mountains escaping to Argentina. His fugitive adventure lead him to the south of Chile, where he had lived during his formative years. The experiences of his childhood, first love, the link with his father, the lost memory of an absent mother, and the ancient rituals of southern Chile start to appear in Neruda’s poetry with great intensity. Those writings, together with his fundamental books such as “Canto General”, recount the different episodes of Neruda’s life that shaped him as a human being and a poet. NERUDA brings this celebrated his story of courage and passion alive.

Bio-Pic / Political Thriller /

95 Min /

Spanish /