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If you loved “White Lotus”, “9 Perfect Strangers” or “Eat Pray Love” you will love Unpacking!

Getting slapped with reality is never easy and the change that follows is sure to be a bit messy.
Six women, sold on the promise of radical transformation, travel to Bali and into the hands of a self-appointed Instagram guru for a ‘soul reset’ retreat.
As the women are led through a series of unconventional workshops in an attempt to get them to unpack and own what’s holding them back, amusing and hilarious moments alternate with the revealing and the intimate.
Secrets surface and accusations fly, a gigolo is hired, and the leader crumbles under her own lack of self-care. When she abandons the retreat, her Indonesian assistant steps into leadership and the women are forced to take ownership over maintaining the community they need to feel whole and to find healing.
High production values and the exceptional score perfectly complement the great performances and the stunning visuals of the exotic island.

Inspirational / Motivational / Self-Discovery /

81 Min /

English /


The fight for nature’s alternative to pain and suffering

Healers brings us the real life stories of those using a cure that has given relief and healing thanks to the bravery of the healers who dared to apply it despite the legal risks. What started as isolated events has gained momentum and became a social justice movement that is changing Latin America.
After living in fear for their children suffering from chronic or terminal diseases, a group of women risks it all for access to an illegal treatment. When traditional medicines fail them or are financially out of reach, thousands of Latin American women have turned to cannabis for seemingly miraculous results. These strong and resolute women are effectively branded as drug dealers by ineffective laws that fail to distinguish between the medicinal and recreational uses of cannabis.
The risks these mothers, sisters and wives face to help their families are huge, but a network of these women has developed to help unite, educate and begin to lobby for change. What started as clandestine meetings to learn about cannabis cultivation and treatment methods has evolved into an inspiring movement by women who are taking control of their families’ destinies.

Lifestyle - Transformational Documentary /

93 Min /

Spanish /


A supernatural fable about children with powers

For fans of the box office smash hit What the Bleep Do We Know!?, set in the near future, this fictional story uses awe inspiring images of the universe and documentary-style interviews to take us on a journey of the awakening of human consciousness against all odds.

2032. The world has only one government. TV and internet have become propaganda tools to control the masses. Across the world children report that they are connecting with the planet Jupiter and they start to develop extrasensory abilities. While the World Government explains it as a dissociative pandemic, spiritual leaders see instead the spontaneous rise of a higher human consciousness. Mexico and Hawaii pioneer radical new schools to help the children integrate their new powers into society.

A documentary team decides to investigate what we now call ‘the Jupiter Phenomenon.’ The government has not ceased their pressure however an expanding population of children continue to experience higher human potential. The phenomenon has spread to a more general part of the population and more people are awakening. The infinite cosmic frequencies channeled by these children are starting to change the world.

Sci-fi / Spirituality / Docu-fiction /

118 Min /

English, Spanish /


The Dalai Lama as you’ve never seen him before — at home.

24 hours spent by a film crew inside the residence of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, from the beginning of his day which starts at 3 am till sunset when the Buddhist leader goes to bed. The footage, by itself, is exclusive. But here, inside the residence, the documentary filmmaker Vitali Manski also got a chance to enjoy a totally informal conversation about the essence of the Universe and the role an individual has to play in religion in general and Buddhism in particular in the frameworks of contemporary society.

Documentary /

72 Min /

Russian with English subtitles /


In the tradition of What the Bleep Do We Know?, and The Secret.

The Lost Secret of Immortality takes the Western audience on a journey of the senses through the spiritual traditions of Eastern enlightenment. Presented with stunning and mind-bending visuals, the film delves into a vision of what is possible if we unlock the mysteries of the Universe.

In this film, we see the vast and infinite knowledge passed on through the centuries by some of the world’s foremost New Age philosophers and teachers. Everything from meditation and the martial arts to tantric sex are uncovered and broken down into easy-to-understand teachings and practices.

By experiencing The Lost Secret of Immortality, one will embark on a life-transforming revelation that will unlock the hidden and untapped power that exists within all of us.

Documentary /

78 Min /

English /


What do our lives today have in common with those of original cultures in the world’s most remote places? Just about everything.

“TAHI – The Human Journey” tells a story of our global connection by following the lives of people the world over. Beautifully photographed in worldwide locations, the film captures the beauty of human culture and natural beauty in a magnificent achievement of filmed storytelling. . Follow the journey in Nepal, India, Thailand, USA, Namibia, Morocco, Australia, New Zealand, England and the Easter Islands to some of the most remote and diverse places on earth. It is through the eyes of the world’s tribes that we really see what we have lost, learn the value of nature, and feel the power of community.

Four main tribes make up the heart of the story—the Himbas in Africa, the mountain villages in Nepal, the unbreakable bond of two orphaned boys in India, and the colorful people of Vanuatu–as well as the filmaker’s internal journey, reconciling the life she once knew with the lessons she learned along the way. TAHI captures the full spectrum of the human condition through intimate stories, ceremonies and traditions in a rare and vulnerable look at what it means to be human.

Documentary /

86 Min /

English /


A story of greed and vengeance, of demons, magic, murder–and redemption. The tale of the real-life 11th century mystic and spiritual warrior, Milarepa.

Photographed entirely in the stunning Lahaul-Spiti region of northern India, this is one of the most important films of our times, acclaimed by the Washington Post, L.A. Times, Hollywood Reporter, Variety, and “A life-transforming spiritual awakening” — Screen International. Richard Gere calls it “One of the most powerful stories of love and transformation in world literature.

Spiritual thriller /

90 Min /

Tibetan with either English, French or Spanish subtitle /


AFM 2011 MARKET PREMIERE of Exclusive Extras, including footage of the enthronement ceremony of Dilgo Khyentse’s Rinpoche’s recognized reincarnation and the most complete presentation of his lineage available.

With the destruction of the Tibet’s monasteries and libraries, the ancient culture’s highest knowledge resided in one man, Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche as he was the only person who was able to memorize the ancient secret teachings and formulas before escaping. Thus he became teacher to the Dalai Lama and to the King of Bhutan. A writer, poet and meditation master, Khyentse Rinpoche was an inspiration to all who encountered him.

Using animation, rare still and archival footage and filmed throughout Tibet, India, the USA, Bhutan, and Nepal, the film chronicles the life of this revered master, from the escape from Tibet to the discovery of his incarnation. The latter part of the story is an amazing proof to the fact that the most evolved masters of Tibet are able to control their reincarnation.

This moving biography is told in part through interviews with the Dalai Lama, Matthieu Ricard, Rabjam Rinpoche, and others.

Documentary /

57 Min /

English and French /


Filmed in 20 countries – 20 years in the making – A stunningly filmed portrait of life.

The rhythm of life revealed in the tradition of “Koyaanisqatsi” and “Samsara”

Richard Wawman’s unique film mesmerizes and transports us to the most remote areas of the world untouched by civilization, exploring the deep and intimate relationships between gender and sex, family, death, food, rituals and the rhythm of life that is universal. With no voice-over and direction for the viewer, the experience is personal and challenging: what seems to be a looking glass into a disappearing world and diverse cultures turns out to be a mirror reflecting back to us the follies and short-sightedness of our own pre-conceived ideas and prejudices

Feature documentary /

123 Min /

- /