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A steamy, button pushing thriller twisting through the dark exotic jungle

Lucio is an apathetic former detective struggling with his inner demons. To afford to buy a birthday gift for his estranged daughter he accepts an unexpected job to solve a crime deep in the jungles bordering Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil. There is a chaotic and violent underworld beneath the murder he investigates. The environment wraps around him and begins to suffocate him like a boa constrictor. As the story unfolds we are mesmerized by the performances, the moody atmosphere and impeding fear of violence.
As Lucio uncovers layers of hidden secrets and crimes behind this seemingly open and shut murder case, a devastating femme fatale appears to seduce him. Although he is unsure if she is for real or a lure, the two dive headlong into a torrid romance and Lucio gets embroiled in child trafficking, betrayals, revenge and murder.
It will be “the dead,” a pagan myth of the jungle that will paradoxically rescue him and bring him back to life.

Dark Thriller /

110 Min /

Spanish /


Antonio, a successful painter is losing the battle with depression. Off balanced, his beautiful wife Ana hopes to find a grip on her life in therapy but here, we begin to drift eerily from the reliable guidelines of reality into the mind of Ana. Boundaries blur, as her visions and dreams are becoming more and more disturbing, it becomes clear that her dream life is contiguous with her waking one.
While packing up Antonio’s painting workshop, she finds a disturbing portrait that Antonio made of her. Why did he see me like this? is the question that triggers a downward spiral of imaginary dialogues and dreams around the perception of herself in this strange duel in her psyche. When an old friend, Gaspar, invites Ana to spend some time at his country house the door opens to a deeper mental confusion where her violent and self-destructive impulses intensify.
This beautifully shot and emotionally evocative movie is a journey into the hallucinations and inner workings of a psychotic mind with its paranoia and delusions to make us experience just how real they might feel to those who are experiencing them.

Psychological Thriller /

86 Min /

Spanish /


A dazzling thriller from the Caribbean developed by the Sundance Lab

The lives of three strangers intertwine as if attracted by the spirals of a hurricane that threatens the Caribbean: Sera, a girl from high society who at night crosses to the slums to have sex with strangers; Lieutenant Pérez, a lonesome policeman who investigates a case in the attempt to repair his broken relationship with his daughters; and Candela, a Drag Queen of a scanty cabaret who seeks Justice. All are united by the mysterious death of Renato a young poet and candy-man. Aided by the Sundance lab, the creators of the movie have conjured up a magical film that is not only unique but it is also suspenseful and mesmerizing. Images bedazzle us, the twist and turns of the storyline shock us while the off-beat characters fascinate.

No wonder that in no time this movie has garnered 18 Official Selections and 10 awards that include the

Jury Prize in Biarritz and three Adopresci Awards

Thriller /

83 Min /

Spanish /


JLO’s Shall We Dance meets award winning Encendies

Tango has one of the starring roles in this film, leading us through the story which, like the tango itself, is thrilling, passionate, and deeply moving.
We begin with brother and sister Davie and Diana returning to the country of their birth, Argentina, for the first time in their adult lives. Against the backdrop of the sexy tango clubs of Buenos Aires, they uncover dark family secrets.
On the flight to Buenos Aires, Diana drops the bombshell reason for their return, she believes her brother was adopted. She hopes that helping him discover the truth about his origins might ease his constant emotional suffering and depression. Powerful questions about his identity arise once in Argentina and, while they are both mesmerized by the sumptuous nocturnal world of tango clubs, a storm is brewing which may destroy their family as they know it.
ARIEL draws us into the mystery surrounding the disappearance of thousands of citizens during political upheavals in the 1970’s and 80’s and the grief still felt for the 500 stolen babies of the missing mothers.
ARIEL is full of thrilling twists and turns taking us on an incredible journey of both indescribable pain and joy accompanied by the deeply passionate sounds and steps of tango.

Gerardo Romano – The Father
TV shows
Maradona, sueño bendito (2021 Amazon Prime Video)
El marginal (2016-2022 Netflix Latam)
El jardín de bronce (2017 HBO)
La Cordillera (Nominated in Cannes 2017)

Cristina Banegas – The mom
TV shows
El marginal (2016-2022 Netflix Latam)
The two popes (Nominated to Golden Globes 2019)

Thriller / Tango /

98 Min /

English and Spanish /


If you liked “Happy Together”, “Before Sunrise” or
“Vicky Cristina Barcelona”, You will love this movie

“Finding Love in Bogota” is the perfect date movie. Adventure, soul-searching, and romance set in the vibrant and lush backdrop of Colombia. Beyond revealing the complexity of friendships and romantic relationships, we are gifted with a trip into the beauty and magic of Colombia, a gorgeous country that has so much life and love to offer. FINDING LOVE IN BOGOTA takes us to a friendly, multi-cultural city with open-minded, welcoming people who share their music, dance, food and traditions with visitors of their land. The story centers around Neel, a Millenial who feels lost and is desperately seeking his purpose in life. Even if he finds it, he doesn’t have that special someone to share life’s beautiful moments with. He hopes that a trip to Bogota provides the spark he needs. Meanwhile, Violet who studied in Bogota, brings her two best friends on a pre-wedding trip to recreate the fun she had while living there. Their worlds collide when they bump into each other, opening up the possibility for the soul level change that each is looking for.

The movie has just been launched on the festival circuit and has already won the Audience Award at the Marina del Rey Film Festival

Date-movie / Discovery / Adventure / Travel / /

93 Min /

English and Spanish /


A superlative creation of a new director with an extraordinary ability to create menace and suspense in a dystopian thriller that deals with humiliation, sexuality, aggression and absurdity during post-apocalyptic times.

The gorgeously shot movie is set against a harsh and imposing background of mountain passes, mysterious caves, animal tracks, hidden waters and vast vistas that are troubled by malevolent forces.

The story is simple: when a mysterious loner joins a huntress and his son, their life-long dynamic is disrupted and psychological warfare breaks out. There is so much layered desire, hatred and domination that comes rolling out, shifting the power dynamics of the characters.

Their ever-tightening circle of hard looks and desperate gestures turns into a disturbing study of the human condition underscoring the will to survive at all costs.

The dissonant score of the film heightens this uneasy feeling, awakening our fight or flight response.

The backstory is filled in quickly and briefly in dialogue, if it’s ever filled in at all. There are hardly any flashbacks, just a few scenes of characters sharing their past with each other. The movie gives pointers rather than straight story lines forcing the viewers to construct their own version of the narrative, that keeps on building its momentum until it culminates in a shocking revelation and ending.

Thriller / Dystopian /

72 Min /

Spanish /


After reaching the peak of creative and financial success, decades of hit songs, and adoring fans around every corner, the pop singer known as Bandido finally hits a wall. Money, fame and adulation are no longer enough to fill a bleak hole that eventually swallowed his spirit. But fate offers him a life-changing jolt when he is carjacked in the desperate outskirts of the city. Standing alone, penniless and stunned on the empty roadway, a neighborhood priest offers him a helping hand and a surprise reunion with an old musician friend. What follows is the story of Bandido’s reawakening and his chance to revive forgotten passions. This neglected corner of the world offers him, and maybe you, a beacon of hope and inspiration for what is truly important in our lives. The film slowly captures your spirit with moving insights and will stay with you forever.

Drama /

95 Min /

Spanish /


An instant cult classic! Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas meets Tarantino action

Take a deep dive into Ray Balfi’s bizarre world of psychotic drug dealers, incompetent cops and social rejects as he tries to begin a new life-direction and shops his cartoon screenplay to 100 L.A. production companies. While facing rejection after rejection Ray learns that someone has stolen his script and made his movie, The Dog’s Meow without his permission. Now, Ray’s already messed-up life is thrown into catastrophic mayhem. This dark, action-comedy slowly reels you into its Kubrick-like world of oddballs, outcasts and sociopaths. Punctuated by magical musical interludes and hyper-violent killing sprees, Dreaming Hollywood delivers one of the wildest rides you’ll take this year!

Action / Comedy /

122 Min /

English, Spanish subtitled version available /


Delve into the dark and mysterious recesses of Angelica’s world. On the verge of turning 40, Angelica finds herself alone in her deceased mother’s house, penniless and slowly succumbing to her demons. After she reluctantly agrees with her sister to have the decaying house sold and torn down, Angelica secretly retreats into the attic while the walls literally and figuratively crumble around her. Her vivid delusions, debilitating grief and haunting memories of old traumas contribute to a mental breakdown that she is able to hide from the few people she sees in the outside world. As she deteriorates into a shadow-like figure, dressed in her mother’s clothes and armed with an old air rifle, she becomes determined to fight whomever tries to shatter her fragile reality.

The superb direction and the outstanding performances add to the mesmerizing effect this movie creates for its viewers.

Like Andrei Tarkovsky’s subtle and penetrating masterworks, this unrelentingly creepy film will send you into a fascinating and uniquely disquieting world of its own.

Psychological Thriller /

109 Min /

Spanish /


Play the Game, Don’t Let the Game Play You

This raw, unpredictable, enormously suspenseful and excellently crafted genre film is set in the menacing, high security prison that is aptly known as hell. Arnold Drexler decides to expose the organization behind his crimes in order to reduce his 15 year sentence. What he, the other inmates, and many of the prison guards don’t understand is how deeply corrupted and violently entangled are every character’s interest. Arnold’s lock-up triggers a brutal reaction from cell-mates Vic and Toni who likewise start an avalanche of merciless retribution. Like peeling layers of an onion, the film cleverly exposes each player’s motivations and connections, simultaneously repelling you and drawing you in to a vicious culture both inside and outside the prison walls.

For fans of intelligent action films like RESERVOIR DOGS, DRIVE and HBO series OZ

Action / Thriller /

80 Min /

Spanish /


Highly Entertaining Rom-com by the producer of the KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN

Beautiful São Paulo, Brazil provides a stunning backdrop for this heartfelt comedy about two reunited half-brothers, Júlio and Beto Bastos. Handsome but underemployed actor Júlio finds himself in need of a job and a place to stay. Neurotic and lonely Beto is a successful soap opera writer who hasn’t left his house in eight years. When Júlio winds up on Beto’s doorstep, the two brothers find themselves capable of reigniting old resentments, but also with the possibility to fulfill the other’s dreams. Beto’s newest script requires a heartthrob star, Júlio offers Beto an introduction to the woman of his dreams. Enjoy the hilarious melodrama and discover if these half-brothers can find enough compassion in their half-hearts to make each other whole again!

Super hilarious! Super fun!

Comedy /

98 Min /

Portuguese /


Happy accidents, mischief and delightful surprises await your discovery in this magical series of young boys’ adventures. Set throughout the seven provinces of Costa Rica, this endearing family film presents a world of small conquests, unexpected discoveries and new friendships through the innocent eyes of children. In fishing villages, on tourist ferries and in a multitude of beautiful locations, the boys spontaneously react to and create funny experiences on the fringes of the adult world where responsibilities and traditions usually rule the day. Their clever and wide-eyed attitudes will reawaken the impulsive adventurer in you and will inspire young and old alike to appreciate the universal human qualities we all share.

Perfect entertainment for the whole family.

2020 Oscar Contender

Family / Adventure /

78 Min /

Spanish /