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A high-gloss action/ crime series with binge-worthy stories, suspense and humor against the stunning backdrop of the most picturesque locations in the world.

Luxury and riches dazzle:
from Ferrari to Versace, from classic race cars to speedboats, from private jets to yachts and helicopters. Monstrous villains mingle with the loveable, the innocent and the beautiful.
“SWISS CONNECTIONS” will get audiences hooked with its unique twists and turns, larger than life characters and spectacular action scenes. This series will take you behind the picture- perfect façade of polished luxury into the cut-throat under-world of crime … a mafia-like clan operates in a perfidious way… valuable vehicles get stolen in mysterious ways… then there is the theft of a fighter bomber… A HUNTER and a DRUG LORD mingle with dubious entrepreneurs.
Episode after episode serve up blackmail, bomb attacks, cannabis trade and arms trade, revenge and fights between the gangs … full action …alluring women enchant, delight and deceive.
Even the private detectives play a double game … everyone and everything is in motion, nothing is clear. Surprise after surprise will keep the audiences on the edge of their seat.

Action/ crime/ detective series /

1000 Min /

German with English subtitles and in English /


Multiple award-winning, 13-episode series that premiered on American Public Television

Flavor of Poland is a charming new cooking and travel series, proudly hosted by Polish-American actress and cook Aleksandra August. The beauty and culinary essence of Poland lies in its rich diversity. Aleksandra takes viewers on a lively journey through Poland’s many distinct regions to explore the most iconic sites which influence regional culinary traditions and contribute to Poland’s national heritage. The series offers a wonderful balance of stunning locations, fascinating details and the historical traditions that have influenced modern Polish cuisine.

Travel / Culinary / Life-Style Series /

- /


For fans of shows like “The Good Place”, “What We Do In The Shadows” and GHOSTBUSTERS, a paranormal comedy told through the eyes of poltergeists learning to live their best deaths!

Paranormal is the new normal in “Geisting,” a supernatural-horror-comedy about Poltergeisting from the Poltergeist’s point of view. Travel to the great beyond into a realm where spirits are learning how to live their best deaths. Just like the corporeal world, some souls know how to behave and some specters wreak a little havoc.

In this pilot episode, Dr. Izzy Cook is a fledgling poltergeist trying to avenge her death at the hands of her husband and his mistress. During her first solo ‘geisting’, she unintentionally leaves a multi-dimensional portal open and sets a dangerous demon loose on Los Angeles. Now it’s her mission to reel in the dead-gone-bad and restore harmony in the land of the living.

Paranormal / Horror / Comedy /

33 Min /

English /