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OSCAR and CESAR nominated, CANNES, TIFF and FIPRESCI awarded multiple jury prize winner

“The highest grossing per theater average on non-studio films on its opening weekend in the USA

“1982” is based on the real childhood memories of writer-director Oualid Mouaness who perfectly frames an escalating armed conflict with a prepubescent romance between a boy and a girl from the opposite sides of a threatened city. Divided across religious lines at the time, with Muslims on the west and Christians on the east, the entire city eventually came under fire.

The film is set on the last day of classes in an elementary school, integrating customary childhood behavior with the ever-growing apprehensions of teachers and administrators as the rumble of war planes makes it impossible to protect the kids from the worsening situation. As the story develops the escalating erosion of the city is paralleled by the erosion of innocence of its people but one in which childlike imagination finds a way to triumph in the end.

With extraordinary performances (including a spellbinding performance teeming with restrained anxiety by Oscar nominated Nadine Labaki) we are not only given the opportunity to walk back in time but also to walk in other’s shoes in a world where the future of tomorrow is truly unknown. Couldn’t be more timely for all of us!

“1982” is able to treat a heavy story of war and conflict with delicacy and charm to make it spell-bindingly entertaining on every level.

War / Coming Of Age / Family /

100 Min /

English and Arabic /


Based on a true story…a moving and thrilling adventure!. Oliver Stone calls it: “ Charming, simple, beautiful”. .Step back in time, before the fall of the Berlin Wall, with three young Italian men on the road-trip of a lifetime. Pago, Rice and Bibi leave their quiet hometown looking for adventure on a ten-day vacation in Soviet controlled Eastern Europe. On their way, they meet Emil, an exiled Romanian who has escaped the regime of his dictatorial homeland. Emil asks the guys for a suspicious favor, deliver a suitcase to his wife and daughter in Bucharest. Out of pity and looking for a thrill, the three friends hit the road on a journey beyond their imagination. They find themselves involved in surreal situations, evading secret police and surrounded by dangerous characters who put their lives at risk. Among the many thrilling plot twists, the three adventurers come to understand the true worth of the ordinary possessions we take for granted. They make personal discoveries, cement their bonds of friendship, and together attempt the most important and terrifying mission of their lives.

Adventure /

104 Min /

Italian, French, Romanian /


A visually spectacular, suspenseful, high impact, emotionally compelling true story about the First World War.” It is the ultimate patriotic war movie of the millennium” says The Standard.

War veteran former king, Petar wants to put his country on the path of peace and prosperity. But, turbulent times impose great sacrifices on everyone and demand the toughest decision of his life from the Old King. After two heroic battles -one of the battle’s of the film is still regarded as one of the most brilliant military strategies ever developed- the government decides that due the losses incurred by the army withdrawal was unavoidable. After an agonizing retreat across the mountains, the emotionally shattered and physically exhausted, King Petar nevertheless reaches the Greek coast thus succeeding in bringing his people to final salvation.

War epic /

127 Min /

Serbian /


With CANAL+ Star Gaia Weiss of “Marie Antoinette” in the lead

Co starring: Anthony Boyle, an Oliver winner and Tony nominee.
Shot by the Oscar winning Anthony Dod Mantle of “Slumdog Millionaire”
Edited by an Oscar winner

As we peep into the life of this uniquely gifted couple whose relationship we are witnessing slowly unravel, it is clear that theirs is not an orthodox romance. The erotic tension between them is palpable and carnal as they both seem to retreat more deeply into their obsessions. Sexual violation and violence from the outside world begins to trickle into the home as jealousy and madness build. Under extreme pressures from the exterior world as well as from their prisonesque interior world, their anxieties build and their grip on reality begins to slip.
Adding to the tension, the viewer’s experience is uniquely guided through the perspective of the electronic “cloud.” The storyline weaves its way through many different electronic devices, cameras and multiple viewers. We are never sure who’s perspective we are watching from. Just when you think you are witnessing an intimate scene, it is revealed that what you are watching, is in fact seen by one of the characters on their device. This suspenseful filmic journey illustrates the claustrophobic surveillance reality we all live in where all is seen and recorded.
Where we spy on each other, just to be spied on by others.

Thriller /

101 Min /

English /


OLIVER STONE calls it a new Italian Classic from the heart. Filmed on the rugged and stunningly beautiful Mediterranean (Sicilian) coast, ALONE WITH HER DREAMS explores the universally timely themes of family separation because of emigration, generational conflicts and feminine repression, continuing the traditions of the Italian neorealist masters; Rossellini, Visconti, Olmi and De Sica.

Set in the late 1960’s, the film explores the issues of of immigration, community values and family devotion through the eyes of a young girl, Lucia who is left behind with her grandmother, Maria while her parents emigrate to France to find work. Lucia pains to be with her family as she struggles to learn her role in the tiny, traditional village under the watchful guidance of her stern grandmother. As Lucia enters womanhood, her childhood innocence is lost to a hideous, family secret and her world of childhood fragility and heartbreaking nostalgia melts into adulthood’s poignant understanding.

Dignity, strength and optimism become the traits that Lucia unknowingly inherits as she ultimately learns about her stoic grandmother’s compassion and deep nurturing love.

Thriller /

95 Min /

Italian /


Based on the bestselling novel, PILATE is a heartbreakingly beautiful portrait of a mother and daughter whose relationship is both intimately close, and tragically disconnected. When Anna, an elderly village woman is recently widowed, her daughter Iza, a highly acclaimed doctor, quickly whisks her from her life-long home to a cold, big-city apartment to live with her and care for her. The seemingly selfless act of affection soon reveals itself to be a stifling and almost torturous experience for Anna. The underlying tensions and baggage of a mother/daughter relationship are amplified by silent gestures and martyred acts that burden each of them to the breaking point. Feelings of love and nurturing wither into uselessness and pain while other family members helplessly look on, ultimately culminating in a crisis with profound consequence.

The sensitive directing results in outstanding performances while the perfection of the dialogue is rooted in first-class literary material. All that paired with stunning, award winning photography helps the material to reach a new level of meaning, transporting us into the universal.

Drama /

75 Min /

Hungarian /


by Oscar Winning Barry Morrow (“Rain Man”), starring 2018 Emmy Winning Darren Criss (“The Assassination of Gianni Versace” and “Glee”) and Madalina Ghenea, “Miss Universe” in the Oscar nominated film “Youth” by Paolo Sorrentino

This charming and endearing, modern fairy tale presents a clash of the “big city way of living” with ” Italian country style” when a New York City fashion mogul sends his son Tyler (Darren Criss) to Milan to take care of a business deal, hoping the trip will inspire his son to take over the family empire.

Plans go terribly wrong when Tyler gets kidnapped for ransom by a group of inept Mafioso who end up taking him to the wrong hideaway – an enchanted Italian cottage called “Sarbolai” in the lush, rolling hills above Piano. The kidnappers’ scheme has a startling twist when each of the men becomes caught in a strange enchantment causing them to fall hopelessly in love with the first soul to meet his eyes.

While the Mafiosi get swept off their feet by hysterical and unfortunate choices, Tyler’s sets his eyes on the beautiful Rosalia (“Miss Universe”) who flatly refuses to do anything with him. Thus, the comic and romantic pursuits begin!

All You Ever Wished For is a film that delivers on its title! Beautiful Italian countryside, food, love, comedy, and a magical charm that will capture your romantic imagination.

Fantasy - Romance - Caper /

85 Min /

English /


When a handsome and successful businessman meets an enchanting young nurse on a train-trip to through Poland after World War I, he is faced with a life-changing dilemma when he discovers that the woman he is falling for is fiercely anti-Semitic. A secret in his background and a dilemma of passion versus revenge tears at his mind and soul. Will he reveal to her he is Jewish? Will he move toward love or toward revenge?
Acclaimed filmmaker Henry Jaglom (who has frequently been called the West Coast Woody Allen) explores the human condition in its darkest and most exquisite moments. It is a compelling love story that lays bare how compassion and intolerance can, even in the most unusual of circumstances, be one.
Based on a true story.

Auteur - Drama - Romance - Period /

113 Min /

English /


Death Protocol was made during the coronavirus pandemic and questions the early intubation protocol adopted in many hospitals. Experts from the United States and Brazil question this protocol, proposing solutions for a more efficient treatment with less mortality.

Filmmaker Andre Di Mauro, grandson of legendary pioneer of Latin American cinema Humberto Mauro – an iconic master alongside Eisenstein, Dziga Vertov, Pathe and Chaplin, has been true to his grandfather’s spirit. He draws from this cinematic legacy, creating a visual mirage where images are infused with language and meaning, creating immense depth and a visceral connection to our heart and soul.

Documentary /

42 Min /

English, Brazilian /


Oscar qualified, multiple award winning and critically acclaimed COLD OF KALANDAR masterfully conjures a unique pastoral atmosphere lovingly nesting the story of Mehmet and his family inside it. Mehmet lives in a mountain village near the Black Sea, far from modern life. He earns a living by breeding his few animals. He also passionately looks for mineral reserves on the mountains, even though his family finds this this pursuit useless. His efforts in vain, his hope is renewed by a competition. Mehmet enters the family’s only bull in a prize fight in a nearby town. His hopes are dashed and the event is a total loss. As he confronts yet another desperate situation, now ready to surrender, fate unexpectedly rewards him.

This is a masterful and emotionally compelling portrait of struggle, hardship and beauty. The story treats the interconnection of nature, animals and human beings, lifting the everyday, simple events into the realm of the sublime and the universal.

COLD OF KALANDAR was made from the heart and it speaks directly into our souls while teaching us that hope is eternal even in our darkest hour.

Drama /

130 Min /

Turkish /


Following in the footsteps of the grand masters of Russian filmmaking, Tarkovsky, Bondarchuk Zvyagintsev, Konchalovsky and Nikita Mikhalkov, director Aleksey Muradov has created a gripping, heart wrenching, epic story of vast proportions spanning time from 1920 through to 2017.

1920. Southern Russia. The brother.
An army commander returns home. Out of jealousy, he kills his brother and his beloved woman, the mother of his son. The commander is left with the baby in his arms.

1942. Eastern Byelorussia. The son. In the woods lives an old man with his 12-year-old granddaughter. The commander of a partisan brigade brings his infant son to an old men’s house putting it in their care. The baby cries and screams incessantly. In trying to calm him, the child girl living in the house discovers the feeling of motherhood. When the partisans return, she escapes into the woods with the baby.

1996. Northern Caucasus. The bride. Somewhere at an abandoned highway crossing lives a girl. War has taken everything from her: family, hope, sense.Near her house a wounded soldier hides, exhausted from war. But there will be no new life for these two.

2017. Ukraine. The mother. A woman returns home from war to her children to find her village has been bombed and burned and her children are dead. Is there any hope left in this God-forgotten world of ours?

1920. Southern Russia. The brothers. Perhaps everything could have been different? What if the commander had not pulled that trigger in the 1920s?

War - Epic - History /

107 Min /

Russian /


Dedicated to all struggling with autism

This deeply touching story revolves around Daniel, a young child with autism. Upon the discovery of their child’s diagnosis, Alina and Razlan’s world crumbles as they struggle to confront the harsh realities of raising a child effected by a condition they hardly knew about. Razlan’s inability to accept the truth causes friction within the family, but Alina’s perseverance and maternal instinct carry them through the challenging times raising Daniel. With her sister and a close friend by her side, they may have found a way to improve Daniel’s quality of life until a tragic accident causes the family to re-think its strategy.

Beautiful Pain/Redha gives voice to the families who struggle to help and understand a beloved family member with autism.

Drama /

115 Min /

Malaysian /