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A dazzling thriller from the Caribbean developed by the Sundance Lab

The lives of three strangers intertwine as if attracted by the spirals of a hurricane that threatens the Caribbean: Sera, a girl from high society who at night crosses to the slums to have sex with strangers; Lieutenant Pérez, a lonesome policeman who investigates a case in the attempt to repair his broken relationship with his daughters; and Candela, a Drag Queen of a scanty cabaret who seeks Justice. All are united by the mysterious death of Renato a young poet and candy-man. Aided by the Sundance lab, the creators of the movie have conjured up a magical film that is not only unique but it is also suspenseful and mesmerizing. Images bedazzle us, the twist and turns of the storyline shock us while the off-beat characters fascinate.

No wonder that in no time this movie has garnered 18 Official Selections and 10 awards that include the

Jury Prize in Biarritz and three Adopresci Awards

Thriller /

83 Min /

Spanish /


Based on a true story, A Sweetest Kiss portrays the dramatic, romantic struggles of a lesbian woman (Alice Mitchell) in the restrictive suburbs of 1950’s America. After being estranged by her family, Alice is forced to support herself by working as a street prostitute while confronting potential dangers at every corner. Eventually, an upstanding family takes her in and Alice starts to win them over by adopting their Christian faith while suppressing her romantic feelings toward their beautiful daughter Annabel. But a pious relative Lillian intervenes when Alice and Annabel begin to fall in love. Despite efforts to reject her own passionate feelings and commit more deeply to her religious faith, Alice is drawn back to Annabel each risking everything to follow their hearts. A final confrontation threatens to destroy the complicated façades that confine the community culminating in a final choice for Alice and Annabel.

LGBT / Period / Drama /

98 Min /

English /


“It takes a brave man to make Lebanon’s first gay-themed commercial feature. “Out Loud,” helmer Samer Dabouland his cast are to be commended for their conviction and the palpable camaraderie onscreen.” …”the characters, consisting of six friends, gay and straight, wanting to forge a new fellowship, have a winsome appeal”

— Variety Review by Jay Weissberg

Bittersweet, high-energy, suspenseful and touching are the adjectives that come to mind watching this highly entertaining and original movie coming out of exotic and picturesque Lebanon. The movie carries a powerful message as it confronts the issue of LGBT relationships and free love in the Middle East.

Powerful soundtrack by Emmy winner Christopher Brady.

“Making of” documentary included.


98 Min /

Arabic with English Subtitles /


Unspeakable grief and the seductive explorations of young adulthood lead Cody, a beautiful 18-year-old girl, into a tawdry world of sex, drugs and sadomasochism. When Cody meets a mysterious and provocative new friend Diablo, she finds herself experimenting with enhanced forms of eroticism through pain, pleasure, exhibitionism and more…. The turmoil of losing her father and rebelling against her mother blur the lines between fantasy, humiliation and friendship. As Cody sorts through painful memories and discovers secrets locked in her psyche, Diablo takes her on a shocking thrill-ride. A terrifying, yet titillating story pushing boundaries that you’ll never forget.

Erotic thriller /

92 Min /

English /


The untold stort of the AIDS pandemic narrated by Dominic West

AFTER 82 brings to the screen the untold personal stories of the AIDS crisis in the UK. Narrated by Dominic West, this incredible documentary looks back to the very early days of the pandemic when there were no medications and a positive HIV test meant almost certain death. Many of those featured have never spoken openly to the media about those traumatic early days, and this may be the only time they will do so. The film features interviews with the actor Jonathan Blake (portrayed in the film Pride by Dominic West) who has lived with the virus for over thirty years. This frank and important movie features moving interviews about a desperate time that the world must never forget. It beautifully commemorates those lost to AIDS, it celebrates those who supported people living with the virus and the many who continue to be there for those in need.

AFTER 82 is a remarkable testament to human compassion, strength, love and resilience and ensures that those voices will never be forgotten.

Documentary /

99 Min /

English /