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Have you ever wondered what the cutting edge is like in the hippest city of the world, Berlin? If you did, TRUE LOVE WAYS is the movie for you. This ultra-stylish film reminiscent of Luis Buñuel and Dario Argento will draw you in and captivate you with its haunting dream-like images and thrilling suspense.

The gorgeous Séverine is victim of a conspiracy. During a trip to the seaside she has to fight for her life when a bunch of brutal offenders trap her. After a bloody trip she discovers something that she has never experienced before…

Erotic thriller / Horror /

103 Min /

German /


Nicky is tortured by the same terrifying nightmare every night. Convinced that his recurring dream is real, he takes his girlfriend, Lora, deep into the woods to look for clues to prove he’s right. As the two travel into the darkness, eight bizarre and grotesque stories unfold, each comprising a disturbing component his living nightmare.

Each chapter of Nicky’s frightening nightmare is represented by distinctive tormentors including, a living monkey doll, a homicidal cowboy and a disfigured magician. As the couple delves deeper, they begin to realize that his ominous delusions may actually be horrifyingly real.

Richly imagined and genuinely eerie.

Psychological thriller / zombie / horror /

105 Min /

English /


Revenge from Beyond the Grave

Kidnappers abduct the daughter of a wealthy businesswoman. They drive her out of the city, chaining her to a chair while waiting for instructions from the boss. Meanwhile, the boss is informed that the girl was never kidnapped and sends two men to the abandoned factory to investigate what happened.

They find the girl, hooded, tied to a chair and no sign of the kidnappers. Slowly, someone appears … but not from the world of the living.

DEAD HEART will keep you on the edge of your seat as the shocking story unfolds in this suspenseful, highly entertaining and original creature film.

Paranormal / Creature / Zombie / Horror /

75 Min /

Spanish /