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Featuring two-time Oscar nominee Max von Sydow in his powerful last performance

A WWII nazi massacre story Inspired by true events

Told through a series of flashbacks, an acclaimed writer, Nikolaos Andreou (Von Sydow) poignantly recounts his personal experience as a young child during the Nazi invasion of Greece. Caroline Martin, an experienced and successful lawyer is assigned to handle a modern day reparations case and to gather evidence on behalf of the German Government. As she listens to his devastating story, both she and Andreou harbor their own sets of motives, beliefs and perspectives, but are brought together by a historical tragedy that was meant to keep them apart. Their fateful meeting in the Greek town of Kalavryta, a place still marked with scars of the tragedy, opens a path through a dark chapter in human history and promises to have a profound effect on both. They struggle together and individually to understand and come to terms with history’s enduring lessons, ultimately beginning to realize the long-sought closure which will allow them to embrace a new hope for the future.

War / Drama /

99 Min /

English, Greek, German /


After reaching the peak of creative and financial success, decades of hit songs, and adoring fans around every corner, the pop singer known as Bandido finally hits a wall. Money, fame and adulation are no longer enough to fill a bleak hole that eventually swallowed his spirit. But fate offers him a life-changing jolt when he is carjacked in the desperate outskirts of the city. Standing alone, penniless and stunned on the empty roadway, a neighborhood priest offers him a helping hand and a surprise reunion with an old musician friend. What follows is the story of Bandido’s reawakening and his chance to revive forgotten passions. This neglected corner of the world offers him, and maybe you, a beacon of hope and inspiration for what is truly important in our lives. The film slowly captures your spirit with moving insights and will stay with you forever.

Drama /

95 Min /

Spanish /


Based on the bestselling novel, PILATE is a heartbreakingly beautiful portrait of a mother and daughter whose relationship is both intimately close, and tragically disconnected. When Anna, an elderly village woman is recently widowed, her daughter Iza, a highly acclaimed doctor, quickly whisks her from her life-long home to a cold, big-city apartment to live with her and care for her. The seemingly selfless act of affection soon reveals itself to be a stifling and almost torturous experience for Anna. The underlying tensions and baggage of a mother/daughter relationship are amplified by silent gestures and martyred acts that burden each of them to the breaking point. Feelings of love and nurturing wither into uselessness and pain while other family members helplessly look on, ultimately culminating in a crisis with profound consequence.

The sensitive directing results in outstanding performances while the perfection of the dialogue is rooted in first-class literary material. All that paired with stunning, award winning photography helps the material to reach a new level of meaning, transporting us into the universal.

Drama /

75 Min /

Hungarian /


When a handsome and successful businessman meets an enchanting young nurse on a train-trip to through Poland after World War I, he is faced with a life-changing dilemma when he discovers that the woman he is falling for is fiercely anti-Semitic. A secret in his background and a dilemma of passion versus revenge tears at his mind and soul. Will he reveal to her he is Jewish? Will he move toward love or toward revenge?
Acclaimed filmmaker Henry Jaglom (who has frequently been called the West Coast Woody Allen) explores the human condition in its darkest and most exquisite moments. It is a compelling love story that lays bare how compassion and intolerance can, even in the most unusual of circumstances, be one.
Based on a true story.

Auteur - Drama - Romance - Period /

113 Min /

English /



Filmed in the remote villages of picturesque Nigeria, ENI is the coming-of-age story of a girl whose passions are trapped by her inability to communicate with those around her. The traditional customs, beliefs and superstitions of Eni’s family present an additional obstacle for this beautiful and strong willed girl who faces typical teenage angst while she begins to discover the mysteries and challenges of womanhood. Jacob, a passionate and quirky artist becomes the focus of her awakening desire, but as in any small town, competition for his attention and his access to 21st century distractions frustrate her advances. With an amazing cast of local actors and a stunning performance by Victoria Osumah, ENI never fails to surprise, enlighten and even shock you with the tension between a traditional culture and the advances of modern Africa and it’s toll on young adults navigating through it all.

Drama - Romance /

111 Min /

English /


Immerse yourself in the amazing and dramatic story of Bill Muller, one of the few, lucky survivors of the fateful TITANIC catastrophe. This historic docu-dram
a recounts that tragic night when over 1500 souls lost their lives in the frigid North Atlantic Ocean. Seven-time, Emmy Award winner Ed Asner masterfully portrays the 96-year old Muller telling his true account of the disaster for the first time to author Bristow, played by SAG Award nominee Frances Fisher, who also starred in the 1997 blockbuster Titanic.

Muller, who worked as a secretary to the Dutch traffic inspector on the ship, has intimate behind the scenes knowledge and reveals a shocking cover up.

Muller ‘s incredible story will shatter your long-held beliefs and reveal untold secrets of the greatest oceanic disaster known to man.

Disaster / Drama / History /

88 Min /

English /


Based on a true story.

In the tradition of great indie sports movies like the smash hit, “Billy Elliot”, “WHITE BLESSING” is the amazing true of a girl who fights against cultural norms to become a champion judo fighter. Both heroes defy rigid gender stereotypes, with the help of supportive adults who encourage their dreams. Just as in a timeless fairy tale, these characters cross from the wrong side of the tracks to succeed against all odds. “White Blessing” is a universally inspiring film based on the real life events of Sumiya Dorjsuren who won the gold medal for judo at the Rio Olympics in 2016.
Set in exotic Mongolia, the movie gives us an intimate look into the lifestyle of Mongolian people while it also reveals the physical and metal struggles athletes must endure in order to make it to the top.

Sports / Drama / Bio Pic /

104 Min /

Mongolian /


Based on a true story, A Sweetest Kiss portrays the dramatic, romantic struggles of a lesbian woman (Alice Mitchell) in the restrictive suburbs of 1950’s America. After being estranged by her family, Alice is forced to support herself by working as a street prostitute while confronting potential dangers at every corner. Eventually, an upstanding family takes her in and Alice starts to win them over by adopting their Christian faith while suppressing her romantic feelings toward their beautiful daughter Annabel. But a pious relative Lillian intervenes when Alice and Annabel begin to fall in love. Despite efforts to reject her own passionate feelings and commit more deeply to her religious faith, Alice is drawn back to Annabel each risking everything to follow their hearts. A final confrontation threatens to destroy the complicated façades that confine the community culminating in a final choice for Alice and Annabel.

LGBT / Period / Drama /

98 Min /

English /


A powerful snapshot of what is happening in real time at the American border

Scheduled to premiere at the Arizona Int’l Film Festival, October 2020

Set on a remote but active immigrant crossing site just north of the Mexican border, DUSTWUN tells the powerful stories of a desperate Latina woman, Marta, attempting to save her child’s life and two conflicted agents who are sworn to uphold an unforgiving policy in the face of their personal struggles. When Marta stumbles into an American veteran soldier, Kenny’s makeshift camp, the two form a tenuous bond united by compassion, fear and duty. Repeated visits by the agents to Kenny’s compound thwart Marta’s attempts to reach her destination while Kenny builds his own personal wall under the orders of an imaginary commander. This engrossing film collapses real-time politics into fantasy and thrilling jeopardy while focusing on the human element at the core of it all….a story of hope for the moment we are living in.

Drama / Thriller /

90 Min /

English & Spanish /


Dedicated to all struggling with autism

This deeply touching story revolves around Daniel, a young child with autism. Upon the discovery of their child’s diagnosis, Alina and Razlan’s world crumbles as they struggle to confront the harsh realities of raising a child effected by a condition they hardly knew about. Razlan’s inability to accept the truth causes friction within the family, but Alina’s perseverance and maternal instinct carry them through the challenging times raising Daniel. With her sister and a close friend by her side, they may have found a way to improve Daniel’s quality of life until a tragic accident causes the family to re-think its strategy.

Beautiful Pain/Redha gives voice to the families who struggle to help and understand a beloved family member with autism.

Drama /

115 Min /

Malaysian /


Oscar qualified, multiple award winning and critically acclaimed COLD OF KALANDAR masterfully conjures a unique pastoral atmosphere lovingly nesting the story of Mehmet and his family inside it. Mehmet lives in a mountain village near the Black Sea, far from modern life. He earns a living by breeding his few animals. He also passionately looks for mineral reserves on the mountains, even though his family finds this this pursuit useless. His efforts in vain, his hope is renewed by a competition. Mehmet enters the family’s only bull in a prize fight in a nearby town. His hopes are dashed and the event is a total loss. As he confronts yet another desperate situation, now ready to surrender, fate unexpectedly rewards him.

This is a masterful and emotionally compelling portrait of struggle, hardship and beauty. The story treats the interconnection of nature, animals and human beings, lifting the everyday, simple events into the realm of the sublime and the universal.

COLD OF KALANDAR was made from the heart and it speaks directly into our souls while teaching us that hope is eternal even in our darkest hour.

Drama /

130 Min /

Turkish /