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Sometimes you find your way

Two brothers find themselves on an unplanned road trip along the California coast, igniting the
chemistry created when two people with completely different ethics, views and attitudes are
thrown together by fate to fulfill a mission.
Like the driver and the piano player in THE GREEN BOOK or Robert de Niro and Charles
Grodin in MIDNIGHT RUN, their clashes, banters and idiosyncrasies will make us laugh and
cry as the story unfolds and culminates in catharsis.
THE LOST COAST is abundant in bittersweet moments and odd situations as the two brothers
get to know each other for better or worse and even more profoundly, like every great Road
Movie, their journey is truly one of self-discovery.
Cast: Sharon Blynn: Captain Marvel, Spider-Man: Far From Home, Peter Lucas: Ray Donovan, Hunters, Patrick McCullough: Houdini, Jack Ryan.

Road movie/ Adventure /

89 Min /

USA in English /


Love is worth fighting for

For Lee and Jo, it is love at first sight. Their explosive romance rockets them to the fourth dimension only to find that the dullness of their life in a two star Alaska town is waiting for them on the other side. Discontented with their unbearable reality, they escape into one another.
Eventually Lee finds a way to make Jo’s dreams come true, or so he thinks. When it turns out to be a scam, his beloved is hurt and now Lee must avenge her honor. After killing a man, Lee goes on the run with his young bride. Their journey is quickly interrupted by a gang of men out for revenge. Lee and Jo get separated, their love unwavering in the face of adversity, they
desperately fight their way back to each in this non-stop action thriller.

Action / Thriller /

83 Min /

USA in English /


Stars are Born

Lucky and Billie are gorgeous, young, incredibly talented and also flat broke. When they hear there is a ONE MILLION DOLLAR top prize for “Mr. & Mrs. Americana” a reality contest for musical married couples, they are prepared to do whatever it takes to enter including pretend that they are husband and wife when they actually barely know each other. Talent scouts immediately spot them in the crowd and present them to the less than scrupulous show organizers Ray and Precious. True to his trademark of manipulation, exploitation and conniving, Ray comes up with a twisted gimmick for the show to make the competition national news. The happily married couple is asked to perform their songs for a pre-selected audience of social media influencers where they will be encouraged to undermine, insult, backstab and ridicule each other to prove that ambition is stronger than love. “A husband and wife knife fight’ is the concept which isn’t a surprise considering the source – Ray Pursell, TV Show Producer and serial abuser. Ray believes he is untouchable but meanwhile an undercover investigative mission is happening behind the scenes to reveal the truth. Will these two idealistic young musicians take the bait and tear each other down on camera in order to drive a carefully calculated social media frenzy? Or will their growing love, respect and common bonds prove the opposite of Ray’s thesis: Can love turn out to be stronger than money and fame? 

Watch “Heart Strings” to find out!

Directed by Ate de Jong: amongst others, directed cult classics “Highway to Hell”and “Drop Dead Fred” Produced by Steven Gaydos: Venice Film Festival award winner and VP at VARIETY.

Thriller / Adventure /

112 Min /

USA in English /


Disaster in the air

This highly entertaining mile-high action movie will dazzle audiences with mind blowing
technology and count-down disaster sequences as well as stunning aerial shots of a half-disabled airplane zig-zagging through skyscrapers. Disillusioned and world-weary, Liu, a neglected aircraft engineer lost his passion for his job long ago. Bored by his work routines he becomes obsessed by playing video games, developing extraordinary skills at it. His ordinary day becomes a high-stakes crisis when his flight attendant wife, May is called in for a special assignment: she will be personally attending to the President of the United States and his entourage on their super plane KG145. While Liu and his son excitedly follow the route of the presidential aircraft on their screen, we see a terrifying reality unfold on the aircraft, it has been highjacked by a terrorist. While the passengers fight for their survival the plane goes out of control, flying on auto-pilot. Liu must now put all his masterful video game skills to use while desperately trying to rescue and land the presidential plane with remote control technology.
Who will survive the crisis and will the plane be able to land? To find out watch KG145.

Disaster/ Action/ Thriller /

95 Min /

from China; in English with some Chinese /


A steamy, button pushing thriller twisting through the dark exotic jungle

Lucio is an apathetic former detective struggling with his inner demons. To afford to buy a birthday gift for his estranged daughter he accepts an unexpected job to solve a crime deep in the jungles bordering Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil. There is a chaotic and violent underworld beneath the murder he investigates. The environment wraps around him and begins to suffocate him like a boa constrictor. As the story unfolds we are mesmerized by the performances, the moody atmosphere and impeding fear of violence.
As Lucio uncovers layers of hidden secrets and crimes behind this seemingly open and shut murder case, a devastating femme fatale appears to seduce him. Although he is unsure if she is for real or a lure, the two dive headlong into a torrid romance and Lucio gets embroiled in child trafficking, betrayals, revenge and murder.
It will be “the dead,” a pagan myth of the jungle that will paradoxically rescue him and bring him back to life.

Dark Thriller /

110 Min /

Spanish /


What evil lurks behind the wall…

Tirana 1997. The chaos left by the fall of communism has opened the doors to a bloody civil war. Matia, just a teenager, is bullied by his school mates and in an attempt to escape, he hides inside an abandoned bunker. In that spooky building, Matia will be the first to discover something horrific and unthinkable that will change him forever. Tirana 2022. Two attractive and fun loving Italian couples are on their way to Tirana where they are planning a new future through an investment in a hip underground club using a bunker from the former regime as the location. One of them is secretly planning to cheat the others in order to pay off a debt to some “old acquaintances” who don’t take no for an answer. In the bunker, where they expect their dream to come true, they will only find drugs, violence and fear. The true horror though hides behind an old wall. A bloodthirsty human monster armed with deadly blades shreds everything in his sight to pieces.

Horror /

83 Min /

Italian and English /


A Heist from Hell

Paul hits rock bottom after his heart is broken and his life seems to be leading nowhere. He decides to break free from it all and is willing to do just about anything when an opportunity falls in his lap – a heist plan orchestrated by a crackhead and a corrupt cop. They manage to steal a safe box from a dangerous drug dealer and want to use the money to start a new life. At least this is the plan until the heist goes horribly wrong. Things gets messy, tensions rise and the situation brings out the worst in them all: suspicion, lies, betrayal and even murder followed by more murder. After losing his love and all of his friends Paul manages to escape alone. Will he be able to make it to the other side, to safety?

Crime/ heist / thriller/ horror /

103 Min /

Switzerland in English /


In the Jungle No One Can Hear You Scream

Based on true and ancient rituals of human sacrifice from the 13th century in Borneo, this exotic creature / action film takes us deep into the heart of the jungle as Dr. Sani and his team search for his wife, who disappeared on an expedition to study a mysterious burial totem. Burial poles are known to have been used as instruments of virgin sacrifice in ritual ceremonies. As the doctor’s team makes its way through the jungle looking for answers, each begin having hallucinations, malevolent disturbances and are transported to strange locations. The tension escalates as their deepest fear turns into reality when one of them is taken over by dark forces and the real monster appears.
This suspenseful, big budget creature film features some of the most exotic locations in the world with outstanding performances by an award-winning cast to thrill all fans of action/ adventure and creature films.

Action / Adventure / Creature /

94 Min /

Malaysian and English language versions + Mandarin Chinese subtitles available /


Where ‘SAW’ and ‘Hostel’ meet the WWE, MMA, & TNA
Once you check in, you never check out!

HOTEL UNDERGROUND is a lock-up for men and women abducted off the streets and forced to entertain a private audience of psychopaths by fighting each other to the death. Kill or be killed, the only mission is to survive and to live to fight another day. Losers are transferred to Dr. Butcher and his nurses for ‘disposal.’
Debbie is a single mother and a victim of domestic violence, she fantasizes about revenge and she very well might have the opportunity when both her and her ex become HOTEL UNDERGROUND guests. Akira arrives from Japan for her friend Suzi’s ‘wedding of convenience’ and both are abducted off the streets and learn that they will be forced to face off against Suzi’s fiancé and each other in a three-way fight to the death. Akira is there to support her friend Suzi but Hotel Underground has different plans.
Next comes retired fighter and World Champion Tommy Majic. Someone has paid big money to see him fight again and one way or another he must be delivered to Hotel Underground. Since his retirement, Tommy has become a local street hero but money is tight. Tommy is offered a big pay out to fight, but Tommy’s wife Cindy reminds him that he is retired for a good reason. Sadly for Cindy, Hotel Underground take matters into their own hands by abducting her and forcing Tommy to fight for the life of the woman he loves.

Win you live. Lose you die. You are now a part of the show! You are now a part of the game!

Starring WWE, MMA, TNA super stars!
James Storm who defeated Kurt Angle to become world wrestling champion at TNA
Lady Samurai Kaori Kawabuchi one of the gaming industries biggest motion capture artists and female fighters
Tracey Birdsall “Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter”
Andy McPhee “Sons of Anarchy”

Action / Fight / Horror /

109 Min /

English /


The movie that predicted the Ukraine War

This large-scale, action-packed sci-fi/ war movie is a real treat for fans of military subjects, special effects, the latest war equipment and maneuvers as well as for lovers of films with an emotional impact. WW4 not only shows terrifying large-scale battles but also manages to zero in on aspects of humanity, showing us the toll that war takes on ordinary people.

After weeks of rising tensions and failed emergency diplomatic talks the escalating military incidents lead to greater and greater worldwide conflict, placing super-powers at each other’s throats. Ukraine plays a crucial role along with the age-old arch enemies – North Korea and Russia.

The war escalates, armies march, bombs rain down and soldiers storm the beaches.

One family is caught up in the ever-growing conflict. Can they survive?

War, sci-fi, action /

87 Min /

English /


How to play the dating game and win!

Missing the love lives of London’s Bridgertons? Look no further than GHOSTED – the modern day take on the London dating scene.

In the vein of SEX AND THE CITY and BRIDGET JONES, GHOSTED is a fresh and fun movie delving into the complicated game of dating and finding love in the age of apps.

Following yet another break-up, budding actress MERCY just wants a quick rebound to help her move on. After being turned down for a one-night stand with Mr. nice guy Michael, she turns to dating apps to speed up the rebound process…that is until she meets American Architect BLAKE who is literally the man of her dreams. The question is does he want her too?

This highly entertaining new take on the Cinderella story will sweep you off your feet just like the best royal charmers do.

The question remains: will you play the game or let the game play you?

Rom-com /

104 Min /

English /


Women’s hockey which has fought an uphill battle since the early 1980s to get the sport to where it is today has had its moments of glory as well as its spells of despair. It has been the pure love of hockey that has kept the woman warriors of this sport going.

ANGELS IN THE RINK examines the lives of the bravest of the brave: the women of the Middle East who are determined to prove themselves in a sport that is traditionally considered “male” only, especially in a culture that still maintains traditional views in which female athletes are not widely accepted.

The movie is a thrilling, intimate and emotional journey into the lives of the women and girls who tirelessly juggle their family duties with their passion for this highly competitive sport which they have devoted their lives to.

Along the way, we are drawn into the world of hockey and begin to feel what these players experience every day: as long as they keep moving the sky is the limit.

Sports - Inspirational - feature documentary /

86 Min /

Farsi, French and English /