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The movie that predicted the Ukraine War

This large-scale, action-packed sci-fi/ war movie is a real treat for fans of military subjects, special effects, the latest war equipment and maneuvers as well as for lovers of films with an emotional impact. WW4 not only shows terrifying large-scale battles but also manages to zero in on aspects of humanity, showing us the toll that war takes on ordinary people.

After weeks of rising tensions and failed emergency diplomatic talks the escalating military incidents lead to greater and greater worldwide conflict, placing super-powers at each other’s throats. Ukraine plays a crucial role along with the age-old arch enemies – North Korea and Russia.

The war escalates, armies march, bombs rain down and soldiers storm the beaches.

One family is caught up in the ever-growing conflict. Can they survive?

War, sci-fi, action /

87 Min /

English /


How to play the dating game and win!

Missing the love lives of London’s Bridgertons? Look no further than GHOSTED – the modern day take on the London dating scene.

In the vein of SEX AND THE CITY and BRIDGET JONES, GHOSTED is a fresh and fun movie delving into the complicated game of dating and finding love in the age of apps.

Following yet another break-up, budding actress MERCY just wants a quick rebound to help her move on. After being turned down for a one-night stand with Mr. nice guy Michael, she turns to dating apps to speed up the rebound process…that is until she meets American Architect BLAKE who is literally the man of her dreams. The question is does he want her too?

This highly entertaining new take on the Cinderella story will sweep you off your feet just like the best royal charmers do.

The question remains: will you play the game or let the game play you?

Rom-com /

104 Min /

English /


Women’s hockey which has fought an uphill battle since the early 1980s to get the sport to where it is today has had its moments of glory as well as its spells of despair. It has been the pure love of hockey that has kept the woman warriors of this sport going.

ANGELS IN THE RINK examines the lives of the bravest of the brave: the women of the Middle East who are determined to prove themselves in a sport that is traditionally considered “male” only, especially in a culture that still maintains traditional views in which female athletes are not widely accepted.

The movie is a thrilling, intimate and emotional journey into the lives of the women and girls who tirelessly juggle their family duties with their passion for this highly competitive sport which they have devoted their lives to.

Along the way, we are drawn into the world of hockey and begin to feel what these players experience every day: as long as they keep moving the sky is the limit.

Sports - Inspirational - feature documentary /

86 Min /

Farsi, French and English /


Reminiscent of the “PANIC ROOM”, “THE OTHERS” and “WOMAN IN BLACK”

This is the perfect fit for lovers of cat and mouse suspense, twisted story lines and the paranormal.

Jenny, a young single mother and her son Harry are fleeing domestic abuse from her violent ex. She desperately needs to rent a safe place where her ex can’t find her. Morton the real estate agent has ulterior motives however and a curious and inexplicable insistence that Jenny and her son take this particular mysterious house. Jenny’s friend Elizabeth warns Jenny that her ex is out for blood and she’s in danger of losing more than just a roof over her head. As the story unfolds the dangers mount and a number of disturbing events occur culminating in the revelation of a terrifying dark secret about the house and its past inhabitants. As it becomes more and more obvious that Jenny and her son are in great mortal peril we are left with the question: will they ever escape this haunted dwelling?

Paranormal Horror /

97.5 Min /

English /