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Based on a true story…a moving and thrilling adventure!. Oliver Stone calls it: “ Charming, simple, beautiful”. .Step back in time, before the fall of the Berlin Wall, with three young Italian men on the road-trip of a lifetime. Pago, Rice and Bibi leave their quiet hometown looking for adventure on a ten-day vacation in Soviet controlled Eastern Europe. On their way, they meet Emil, an exiled Romanian who has escaped the regime of his dictatorial homeland. Emil asks the guys for a suspicious favor, deliver a suitcase to his wife and daughter in Bucharest. Out of pity and looking for a thrill, the three friends hit the road on a journey beyond their imagination. They find themselves involved in surreal situations, evading secret police and surrounded by dangerous characters who put their lives at risk. Among the many thrilling plot twists, the three adventurers come to understand the true worth of the ordinary possessions we take for granted. They make personal discoveries, cement their bonds of friendship, and together attempt the most important and terrifying mission of their lives.

Adventure /

104 Min /

Italian, French, Romanian /


An instant cult classic! Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas meets Tarantino action

Take a deep dive into Ray Balfi’s bizarre world of psychotic drug dealers, incompetent cops and social rejects as he tries to begin a new life-direction and shops his cartoon screenplay to 100 L.A. production companies. While facing rejection after rejection Ray learns that someone has stolen his script and made his movie, The Dog’s Meow without his permission. Now, Ray’s already messed-up life is thrown into catastrophic mayhem. This dark, action-comedy slowly reels you into its Kubrick-like world of oddballs, outcasts and sociopaths. Punctuated by magical musical interludes and hyper-violent killing sprees, Dreaming Hollywood delivers one of the wildest rides you’ll take this year!

Action / Comedy /

122 Min /

English, Spanish subtitled version available /


Play the Game, Don’t Let the Game Play You

This raw, unpredictable, enormously suspenseful and excellently crafted genre film is set in the menacing, high security prison that is aptly known as hell. Arnold Drexler decides to expose the organization behind his crimes in order to reduce his 15 year sentence. What he, the other inmates, and many of the prison guards don’t understand is how deeply corrupted and violently entangled are every character’s interest. Arnold’s lock-up triggers a brutal reaction from cell-mates Vic and Toni who likewise start an avalanche of merciless retribution. Like peeling layers of an onion, the film cleverly exposes each player’s motivations and connections, simultaneously repelling you and drawing you in to a vicious culture both inside and outside the prison walls.

For fans of intelligent action films like RESERVOIR DOGS, DRIVE and HBO series OZ

Action / Thriller /

80 Min /

Spanish /


Fight Club meets the Twilight Zone in this mixed sci-fi/ action/adventure/fight/martial arts film, starring Morgan Benoit (Forbidden Kingdom, 47 Ronin.) and featuring sci-fi fan favorites David Mattey (HANCOCK) and Stacy Jorgensen (GREY SKIES.) The fight sequences were created by two of Hollywood’s top stunt performers, Colin Follenweider (Avatar; X-Men) and Chris Torres (Letters from Iwo Jima, HOSTEL).

Brutal, that critics are calling “genre redefining”, centers on Trevor (Morgan Benoit), who is abducted at the age of fifteen by an unseen alien presence. Forced into nearly two decades of no-holds-barred fights against other abductees, Trevor evolves from an innocent boy into a brutal fighting machine.

Derek, (Jeff Hatch) an ambulance chasing lawyer, is the latest lab-rat abductee forced to fight Trevor. As they exchange increasingly violent beatings over the course of weeks and months, the brutality of their existence ironically begins to reveal the true nature of their humanity.

With elements of the paranormal juxtaposed with the most violent fight scenes you will ever see on screen, BRUTAL explores the animal aspect of human nature and our propensity to commit unthinkable acts against each other. Yet, it is through this prism of brutality that our capacity to love proves victorious even in the worst of circumstances.

action / adventure / fight / paranormal / martial arts /

88 Min /

English /


This action packed martial arts movie from exotic Nepal is a hero’s journey, proving that sometimes we must travel around the world to find that what we are looking for was right there where we started.

A disaffected American-Nepali half Hindu half Muslim boy detours to Kathmandu, Nepal on his way to find his father who he thinks has joined the war in Syria. Once in Nepal, he battles a local mafioso who has killed his grandfather, grounding him in the reality of his true kinship. As a result, not only does he find real love, he also reconnects with his root culture and traditions of the Himalayan nation which he had forgotten.

Martial Arts / Fight / Action /

93 Min /

Nepalese in English /


Based on true stories of sex trafficking and sex slavery

Laura, a stunningly beautiful high-end prostitute works in a brothel in Buenos Aires. Jason, an American veteran of the Iraqi war arrives in Buenos Aires to start a new life. He meets Jenny, a beautiful tango dancer who helps him cope with his war time trauma. Laura, Jenny’s sister, the black sheep of the family discovers a human trafficking network that is run from the secret backrooms of the brothel.

Laura proves the saying ‘We never know how high we are till we are called to rise.’

When confronted by the extreme suffering of the women and the brutal cruelty of their keepers, Laura rises to the occasion. Gathering her courage, overcoming her drug induced haze, Laura helps one of the victims escape, unleashing the wrath of the cartel who are now after her and her family.

STOLEN TANGO takes an unflinching look at the world of human trafficking, taking us on a suspenseful journey from the sensual façade of tango dancing to the darkest secrets of the cruel trade of sex slavery.

Crime / suspense / action / thriller /

120 Min /

Spanish /

4K / HD

Theatrical box office hit action thriller –original title in South Africa: LOSING LERATO

DESPERATE LOVE is the story of a successful young black man, who takes matters into his own hands by kidnapping his daughter after life, the law and the woman he once loved come between them.He puts himself in harm’s way when he decides to kidnap his own daughter from school, hoping to start a new life in a new city, but all hell breaks loose and he finds himself in a high stakes bus hostage situation and comes face to face with the law. As the crisis escalates, a shot rings out…

DESPERATE LOVE is a suspenseful, exciting, thought provoking, human interest story that speaks to global audiences who have experienced hardship, financial highs and lows, love, happiness or the loss of a child. The cast includes Black Panther’s Connie Chiume.

Action / Thriller /

96 Min /

English & some local dialects from South Africa /


A miraculous adventure spawns an extraordinary friendship

Jenny, a combative and rebellious teen is headed down a troubled path when her father decides something drastic must be done to save her. Unwilling to speak and feeling isolated in the middle of chaotic Los Angeles, her father intervenes by sending her to Thailand to live with her grandmother. Jenny feels imprisoned in the tiny, remote village until she meets Boonrod, a shunned, peasant boy whose best friend is the family water buffalo. Their unlikely friendship blossoms as the two outcasts team up to save the beloved animal by entering it into a spectacular local contest. This incredible adventure has echoes of “The Karate Kid” and “Seabiscuit,” telling a timeless story of the small and the voiceless battling against all odds. The first feature film to showcase the thrilling sport of buffalo racing.

Family / Adventure /

94 Min /

English & Thai with English subtitles /


This mesmerizing adventure of magic, love and loyalty begins with the birth of a tiny white camel, born under the camel-shaped cloud which brings good luck. The beautiful family who own this “Celestial Camel” must sell him to a movie producer in order to raise money for their newborn baby — a severe drought has made life difficult, drastic measures must be taken. When the baby camel is sold, its mother seizes the first opportunity to run away to find her baby. The family’s twelve-year-old son, Bayir sets out on a mission to bring back the mother-camel. He meets kind and evil people along his journey and the summoners of rain, a disciple of Lama, help him on the way. This fantastic journey is shot in the most breathtaking landscapes of the Mongolian Steppe adding an ethereal dimension to the picture.Life and love prevail in sometimes harsh circumstances as long as we continue to follow our hearts.

Celestial Camel is a universal story that touches the heart and soul of everyone who sees it.

Family / Adventure /

90 Min /

Russian /


In a twinkle of an eye, a life-altering disappearance of her 7-year old kid brother sets Jhalki off on a mission to find him at all costs. Armed with an intimate folk-tale of a tireless sparrow and her own charming presence of mind, Jhalki embarks on a relentless journey to find and free her brother. Unaware and ignorant of the deep-rooted corruption and cobwebs of the system, Jhalki takes on the monstrous and the conniving with a purity of pursuit that is at once uplifting and inspirational.

Is Jhalki’s journey the start of a spiral that will change the lives of thousands for good? What price must she pay to get what she wants? Inspired by true events, with a backdrop of human-trafficking and child-labour, 150 MILLION MAGICAL SPARROWS becomes an atypical thriller of hope, courage, self-belief and perseverance in an inhuman world, seen through the eyes of a 9 year-old girl, who will not stop anywhere short of triumph.

This wonderfully crafted, feel good movie is the only one in film history that is actively backed by a Nobel laureate (Mr Kailash Satyarthi).

Won 13 awards and 24 Official Selections…and counting

Family/Adventure/ Thriller /

105 Min /

Hindi /


An epic frontier western adventure in the tradition of “True Grit”

Based on a bestselling novel

Following the death of their mother and lead by their stoic, heartbroken father, Rachel and Jamie begin an arduous passage west through beautiful but dangerous prairies seeking fortune and a new life during the gold rush of the 1800’s.

This epic but treacherous journey can only be made within a short window of time before brutal winter forces stop men and beasts alike. Fate deals the grieving, pioneer family a complicated hand when their ox wagon is damaged and they are taken in by a pious, farm family in the foothills of a mountain, far from their destination. As their father repairs their wagon, a fearsome storm approaches and Rachel and Jamie begin to pack, despite dire warnings from the farmer.

Now, with a raging blizzard upon them, the two children find themselves lost in a frozen white-out in search of a missing pet calf. Rachel and Jamie must find shelter and survive the icy darkness while Rachel makes a brave decision that will change their destinies forever.

Western - Adventure /

106 Min /

English /


For fans of Tarantino-like action and Coen Brothers quirkiness.

Two feuding couples, two rival mafias, and an unhinged hitman are the main ingredients in this twisted and clever story about love, hate, redemption and revenge.

When Mike is released after 4 years in a Turkish prison, his girlfriend Mandy travels from Ireland to pick him up at the prison gate. But Mike’s got fortune and freedom on his mind when they take a detour to retrieve a stash of buried mafia cash. Meanwhile, in the same small town, Erol and Seray are working through their perversely troubled relationship via kidnapping and coercion. Huge sums of money instantly change the dynamics in each couples’ relationship, but a hired killer with rival bosses is about to blow everything up. What follows is a riveting double cat and mouse chase that ends in a showdown pitting love against money.

Action-Thriller /

86 Min /

English & Turkish /